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Business Continuity

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Our team of IBM, Azure, AWS, Citrix, VMware, and managed services solutions experts are standing by to help you navigate the complex technical challenges facing your organization.

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Supporting your platforms and your environments

We’re here to help

Businesses everywhere are being forced to support an unprecedented number of remote workers while carefully managing costs and overhead. We can help you deliver comprehensive remote workforce solutions both onsite and in AWS & Azure, along with disaster recovery solutions for servers, virtual machines, and cloud workloads for companies of all sizes.

We’re here to help you avoid disruption and navigate the technical challenges you’re facing.

Unmatched compliance expertise

For healthcare organizations, financial institutions, and other businesses subject to regulatory requirements, our comprehensive hosting and managed services solutions ensure that your data is available, secure, and fully compliant whether it’s hosted in our data centers or within leading public clouds like AWS and Microsoft Azure.

Compliance Audits & Certifications

Our services include

IT disaster recovery and business continuity planning/analysis

Remote workforce management (Citrix, VDI, and Desktop as a Service)

Disaster recovery, data migration, and replication

High availability, disaster recovery, and managed services for AWS, Azure, and multi-cloud environments

Managed hosting and services for IBM i (AS/400-iSeries), AIX, and VMware (Windows/Linux)

Remote monitoring, services, and support

Empowering your mission critical workloads

Ensure availability for your users and keep things running smoothly even in the face of uncertainty. Control your expenses and minimize interuptions with 24×7 support and remote monitoring and administration for your mission critical workloads


Reduce expenses

We’ll bring decades of experience to your IT team without the costs of hiring and training developers and admins to support your critical workloads.

Focus your resources

Focus your in-house technical resources on deeper work, so they can spend more time on innovation and less time on administration. We’ll take care of the rest.

Stay ahead of the curve

Our team of experienced solutions architects are here to help you understand and adopt the latest tech to help your business get ahead of the competition and stay there.

Your dedicated team of solutions experts

Whether you’re looking to reduce overhead, better utilize your existing IT resources, or rapidly modernize and scale your capabilities, we’re here to make it happen.

Remote workforce

As certified Cisco, Citrix, and Microsoft partners we can provide the infrastructure to support your remote workforce and provide your users with full access to your critical business applications from their mobile devices.

Disaster recovery

Our disaster recovery solutions can be customized to address your RTO & RPO requirements, and include complete implementations from Connectria’s skilled engineers, 24×7 continuous monitoring, annual failover testing, and 24×7 support.

Managed cloud

If you need to improve security, manage compliance, or find the right balance of cost and performance, we’re here to help. We’ll tailor the right public, private, hybrid, or multi-cloud solution for your business.

Managed services

We’ll provide the support and infrastructure your organization needs to keep things running smoothly, freeing up valuable in house resources to focus on technical innovation across the business.

Connect with a business continuity solutions architect

We’ll help you whiteboard solutions, understand the costs of managing a large remote workforce, and help you face your organizations most complex technical challenges head on.