Private Cloud

Spend time running your business. Not your infrastructure.

Choose the cloud hosting solution that’s right for you. With Connectria’s Private Cloud solution, leveraging a dedicated infrastructure, without investing in expensive hardware, gives you the flexibility and control you need. Our goal is to deliver the right solution that meets your specific security, performance, budget and reliability needs.



You are in control, running the software you choose on your own, dedicated hardware.

Take advantage of the flexibility to shift workloads among servers.

Gain peace of mind with the utmost security available.


24×7 advanced monitoring and management (application, cloud, infrastructure, storage, networking, database) to ensure that your entire environment is always up and running at peak performance.


24×7 comprehensive security monitoring and management by our Security Operations Center (SOC) to ensure that your applications and data are secure, including both HIPAA/HITECH and PCI DSS compliance.

Cost Optimization

24×7 usage monitoring of your cloud environments to look for unused, underutilized, or inappropriately used resources to ensure you minimize costs and maximize your budget.

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Get the benefits of clouds using dedicated resources

When it comes to security policies, compliance requirements, regulations and budgets; these things define decision making of IT leaders. Private clouds provide a peace of mind with the extra level of security and affordability that come with the platform.

Managed cloud platforms can help companies that have understaffed or underskilled IT teams, allowing you to focus on other areas of the business.

Benefits of a private cloud include:

Scalable & Reliable
100% Network Uptime Guarantee


VMware vSphere

There are several different flavors of vSphere available, depending on an organization’s needs. Each offers varying features, thus allowing organizations to select the best coverage for their current and future growth goals.

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With IBM and Connectria, you get what you need, when you need it, for as long as you need it – backed by Connectria’s world-class 24×7 IBM administration and support.

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Connectria provides customized managed AIX hosting solutions that meet each client’s unique requirements delivering performance, reliability and security.

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Connectria’s customer focus really resonated with us because it matched the way we do business with our customers, and it made us feel confident in choosing a cloud provider with these same values.

Lou Takacs ComSci

I haven’t found too many vendors who are flexible and tolerant in terms of understanding our needs as well as controlling costs. Connectria really demonstrated this understanding and willingness to partner with us.

Rob Pock TCS Healthcare

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