IBM i (iSeries - AS/400) Remote Monitoring & Remote Administration

Realize Higher Uptime & Lower Operating Costs With Connectria's IBM i Remote Services

iseries hosting iseries hosting Connectria provides hosting for more than 100 IBM i (iSeries/AS/400) environments within our world-class data centers for customers around the globe. And though many of our customers choose to outsource their IBM i, we realize that hosting is not right for everyone. Some customers' IBM i environments have to be physically located within their internal data centers for a number of reasons, including security, audit, or network-related issues. Those customers, however, may still need assistance monitoring or administering their IBM i platforms.

That's where Connectria's IBM i Remote Monitoring & Remote Administering can help.

Connectria operates a 24/7 world-class monitoring & systems administration center for all of the IBM i environments that we host for our customers, including Ansell, Siegel Robert and SPX among many others. This center not only manages the IBM i platforms that we host within our data centers, but we also remotely monitor and manage IBM i platforms within our customers' data centers at very attractive, fixed monthly fees, including customers such as Morton Technology Group, Louis Vuitton and Ecko Unlimited. All of our technicians and engineers are Connectria employees and US Citizens who've passed extensive background checks. Our advanced tools have been designed to support IBM i environments located in multiple data centers, so it's easy to add your IBM i environment located in your data center to our monitoring environment.

Connectria offers two levels of Remote Services for the IBM i platform: 24/7 IBM i Remote Monitoring and 24/7 IBM i Remote Administration.

24/7 IBM i Remote Monitoring

IBM i outages and problems that occur during off-hours can wreak havoc on your organization if they don't get resolved before the next business day begins. Connectria's IBM i Remote Monitoring is a cost-effective service to ensure that IBM i problems are addressed in a timely manner, causing minimal impact and disruption the next business day. With Connectria's IBM i Remote Monitoring, our IBM i technicians are watching your environment 24/7 for errors and alerts. When problems occur, we escalate those to your staff using your custom escalation policies and procedures.

24/7 IBM i Remote Administration

Connectria's Remote Administration Services include 24/7 remote monitoring of your IBM i environment for errors and alerts. But in addition to Remote Monitoring, Connectria's staff is also responsible for problem determination, problem resolution, vendor management, change management, PTF management, backups, restores, batch jobs, and in general, full administration of the environment. Through advanced automation and economies of scale, we can provide these services very efficiently and cost effectively- typically at costs lower than hiring your own IBM i administration staff.

By having Connectria remotely monitor or remotely administer your IBM i environment, you will be able to realize higher uptime and reliability at reduced support costs. As a result, you will be able to focus your staff on more valuable business activities other than monitoring message queues and job statuses. Our staff members average more than 10 years of industry experience and have exceptional skills in supporting IBM i environments for clients worldwide.

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