Managed Azure servicesManaged Azure servicesTRIA for Microsoft Azure:
The Complete Azure Managed Service

Solving The 3 Most Difficult Azure Challenges: Performance, Security & Cost Optimization.

TRIA for Microsoft Azure is a comprehensive suite of managed services that help you optimize your performance, security and cost so you get the most out of your Azure environment.

TRIA for Azure managementTRIA in Latin means “three,” and TRIA for Azure solves the three biggest challenges customers face when running systems in Azure: Performance Monitoring; Security & Compliance; and Cost Optimization.

As a Microsoft Gold Cloud Partner, Connectria’s certified Azure engineers help clients of all sizes to implement, manage and support your Azure environments. Connectria’s TRIA for Azure Managed Services includes 24/7 Azure Performance Monitoring and Support, 24/7 Azure Security Monitoring and Compliance and Azure Cost Optimization.

TRIA for Azure Performance Monitoring:

 managing Azure performance TRIA for Azure includes Connectria’s 24/7 advanced Azure monitoring & support by our Customer Operations Center to ensure that your Azure environment is always up and running at peak performance.

Our Azure Performance Monitoring and Support includes:

  • 24/7 Custom Performance Monitoring & Alerts
  • 24/7 Custom Restarts & Escalations
  • 24/7 Technical Support & Account Management
  • Virtual Network (VNet) Administration
  • Data Backup & Restore Services
  • O/S Systems Administration
  • Database Administration (Optional)
  • Advanced Customer Portal

TRIA for Azure Security & Compliance:

TRIA for Azure also includes Connectria’s 24/7 comprehensive Azure security monitoring by our Security Operations Center (SOC) to ensure your Azure applications and data are always protected. Our Azure Security and Compliance includes:

     managing Azure security
  • Advanced 24/7 Intrusion Prevention
    • Advanced Security Information Event Management (SIEM) & Event Correlation
    • Vulnerability Scanning
    • Security Configuration Management / Change Control
    • Real-Time Endpoint Security Protection
  • Advanced 24/7 Security Administration
    • 24/7 Security Incident Response
    • Managed Azure Firewall, VPN & Endpoint Support
    • Multi-Factor Authentication Support
    • Advanced Instance / Operating System Hardening
  • Advanced Compliance Services (HIPAA & PCI Environments)
    • Compliance Audit Assistance
    • Advanced Data Encryption Support for Data at Rest and Data in Motion
    • Application Access Controls
    • Annual Assessment and Ongoing Employee Controls (For Connectria)
    • NG Firewall & Intrusion Detection System (IDS) for Azure (Optional - Requires Additional Fees)
    • Web Application Firewall (WAF) for Azure (Optional - Requires Additional Fees)
    • HIPAA Compliant Business Associates Agreements & Other Security Compliance Agreements

TRIA for Azure Cost Optimization:

TRIA for Azure also includes Connectria’s cost optimization monitoring of your Azure environment to ensure you minimize your Azure costs and maximize your budget.

managing Azure cost

Connectria’s Azure team of experts will help manage your Azure costs on a monthly basis by monitoring usage and looking for unused, underutilized, or inappropriately used resources. We will provide reporting and guidance on how best to optimize your Azure spend so you get the most for your investment.

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