Hyper-V Private Cloud Hosting

Setup Your Own Private Cloud Environment using Dedicated Servers running Hyper-V

hyper v hosting hyper v hosting Microsoft Hyper-V provides capabilities and features that help consolidate servers effectively while making maximum use of resources. Through Hyper-V Network Virtualization, server configurations may be decoupled from network configurations to provide multiple virtual dedicated networks. This enables seamless communications among virtual machines, and migration across physical servers, while isolating these networks from one another, enhancing security. The end result allows virtualization of almost any workload in a cost-effective, resource optimal and scalable manner.

Connectria is recognized leader in the Cloud Computing marketplace. Hosting the widest range of cloud computing platforms in the industry, Connectria also offers dedicated server hardware through our Hyper-V Private Cloud Computing solutions. Connectria has provided Hyper-V hosting to customers of all sizes, including Energizer, Forrester, Houghton Mifflin and Plan Member, among many others.

Our Hyper-V Private Clouds are part of Connectria's Custom Private Cloud Solutions, which allow customers the flexibility to run any software as well as choose their own hardware. This includes customizable solutions using any servers (e.g. HP, Dell, IBM), storage (e.g.EMC, HP, IBM, NetApp) or managed services you need. Our ultimate goal is to deliver the right solution to meet each customer's specific security, performance, budget and reliability needs.

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