Hybrid Clouds

What is a Hybrid Cloud?

A hybrid cloud is a cloud computing environment that has a combination of public cloud computing, private cloud computing and/or dedicated servers. The compute and storage resources being used can be a combination of in-house compute and storage resources, as well as external compute and storage resources.

For example, an organization might use a public cloud service such as Connectria's Cloud Computing for some web-facing public information, a Connectria Private Cloud to run a secure Software as a Service (SaaS) solution for its clients, and any number of internally supported servers to store and process customer specific data within its own data centers.

Though interest in cloud computing seems to dominate the market, the hybrid cloud model may be an attractive option, particularly among enterprise organizations. This is due to their significant in-house infrastructure investment, as well as their desire to maintain and control sensitive data in-house.

The hybrid cloud offers a level of flexibility that allows users to decide which resources and applications will go on the cloud, what type of cloud or dedicated server infrastructure will be used, and which resources and applications will stay in-house. As a result, the hybrid cloud permits organizations to implement a solution that meets their unique cost, security and reliability requirements.

Connectria and Hybrid Clouds

Connectria's hybrid clouds offer a range of options that leverage our public cloud, private cloud, and dedicated server solutions. This includes standard public clouds or private clouds using VMware vSphere, custom private clouds using many different virtualization technologies and system architectures, and a wide range of dedicated server and storage options.

Connectria offers a range of options for customers to purchase Hybrid Cloud solutions. These include Managed Hosting services for standardized Cloud solutions as well as Custom Managed Hosting for Hybrid Cloud solutions using Enterprise Class x86 Servers (Dell, HP, Lenovo).

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