HIPAA Compliance with Microsoft Azure

Managed Azure services HIPAA Compliance with Azure

As the first hosting company to offer HIPAA Compliance in the Cloud, Connectria has a wealth of experience helping customers achieve and maintain compliance. Today, we support more than 1,000 HIPAA Compliant environments for hundreds of customers including 3M, TCS Healthcare Technologies, CredenceHealth, HI-IQ, QPM, MyLifePlan and WellCentive, among many others.

A longstanding Microsoft partner, Connectria has taken its vast HIPAA/HITECH compliance know-how and applied it to the popular Azure public cloud. Healthcare organizations subject to regulatory compliance may benefit from Azure’s on-demand, “pay-as-you-go” cloud features along with the confidence that their solution is compliant through Connectria’s expert HIPAA managed services.

Benefits of Microsoft Azure:

According to a recent HIMSS Analytics Cloud Survey, 83% of IT healthcare organizations are currently using cloud services and 9% plan to in the future. Many of them are turning to Microsoft Azure as the cloud infrastructure of choice with distinct benefits, including:

  • Close integration with other Microsoft tools – Azure seamlessly integrates with the widely used Microsoft tools such as SharePoint, Office 365 and Outlook. Organizations can also use the same virtual machines in Azure that they use on-premises, like Windows and Linux, which simplifies things.
  • Excellent, reputable standing – As one of the most credible and reliable brands in history along with the most widely used and recognized tools, Microsoft is a trusted vendor.
  • IaaS and PaaS - Azure includes both IaaS (managed) and PaaS (unmanaged) services. IaaS allows companies to outsource their cloud computing infrastructure and pay for only for what they use. PaaS allows companies to develop their own applications without having to invest in the IT infrastructure. As a result, organizations may customize their cloud environments to their detailed requirements.

Benefits of Connectria HIPAA/HITECH Managed Services:

Building, migrating, managing and supporting your applications in Azure can be complex. Adding HIPAA/HITECH compliance to the mix increases the complexity exponentially.

Fortunately, Connectria’s Azure-certified engineers and HIPAA/HITECH compliant experts can help you navigate these challenges. Our engineers will not only help you set up your Azure environment to meet your HIPAA Compliance needs, but we will also provide ongoing managed services 24/7 to help ensure that your Azure environment remains HIPAA Compliant. Our HIPAA Compliance Support Plan for Azure includes a comprehensive suite of security and support features designed to specifically address the HIPAA and HITECH standards, including the necessary levels of encryption within Azure.

  • Reduce time, cost and risk – relying upon Connectria’s Azure and HIPAA/HITECH expertise allows customers to reduce their time, cost and risk by avoiding costly delays and mistakes. We understand what Azure components are not supported in a HIPAA environment, which ones are supported, and how to implement them to meet the HIPAA standards. Connectria’s staff will also assist you in getting a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) signed with Microsoft, and we will enter into a BAA directly with each of our customers as well.
  • Audited security controls and processes – on an annual basis, Connectria is audited by a third-party assessor to ensure we continue to meet HIPAA/HITECH regulations. This also extends throughout our entire company to all of our employees. Each of our staff members are required to take and pass HIPAA Compliance certification.
  • A dedicated compliance team - Connectria provides access to our HIPAA Compliance Team at no additional cost in order to assist our customers with achieving and maintaining their HIPAA Compliance objectives.
  • ISV and SaaS support - many of our customers include Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who serve the healthcare market and require HIPAA compliance. Some also wish to move their applications to a hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) model. Whether you are a Covered Entity, a Business Associate, or a technology provider to the healthcare market, Connectria can help you implement and manage a HIPAA Compliant environment in Azure.
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