HIPAA Compliance with AWS (Amazon Web Services)

HIPAA Compliant Cloud LogoConnectria provides HIPAA Compliant Amazon Web Services (AWS) support for customers who must comply with HIPAA, HITECH, and Omnibus standards surrounding the storage of Protected Health Information (PHI) in AWS.

HIPAA training and compliance with HIPAA laws is a part of the foundation at Connectria.  We were the first company to provide HIPAA Compliant Hosting in 2007, when we began providing hosting for the State of Maine’s Health Information Exchange in conjunction with our partner, 3M.  Today, we support more than 1,000 HIPAA Compliant environments for hundreds of customers including 3M, TCS Healthcare Technologies, CredenceHealth, HI-IQ, QPM, MyLifePlan and WellCentive, among many others.

HIPAA Compliance with AWS

As an Amazon Advanced Consulting Partner, combining our years of experience in providing HIPAA compliant cloud solutions with our expertise in building and managing AWS environments was a natural fit.  We’re pleased to offer this turnkey approach to achieving and maintaining HIPAA Compliance with AWS.

Connectria’s engineers will not only help you set up your AWS environment to meet your HIPAA Compliance needs, but we will also provide ongoing managed services 24/7 to help ensure that your AWS environment remains HIPAA Compliant.  Our HIPAA Compliance Support Plan for AWS includes a comprehensive suite of security and support features designed to specifically address the HIPAA and HITECH standards, including the necessary levels of encryption within AWS.

Reduces Time. Reduces Cost. Reduces Risk.

A key benefit of our solution is that it allows customers to reduce their cost to become HIPAA Compliant in AWS, and it significantly reduces the time required as well by avoiding costly delays and mistakes.  We understand what AWS components are not supported in a HIPAA environment, which ones are supported, and how to implement them to meet the HIPAA standards.  Connectria’s staff will also assist you in getting a Business Associate Agreement (BAA) signed with Amazon, and we will enter into a BAA directly with each of our customers as well.

Connectria’s security controls and processes go far beyond AWS, and extend throughout our entire company to all of our employees.  Each of our staff members are required to take and pass HIPAA Compliance certification, and we undergo an annual HIPAA HITECH Assessment by a qualified 3rd party assessor to ensure that Connectria and our employees continue to meet the HIPAA HITECH standards.  Connectria provides access to our HIPAA Compliance Team at no additional cost in order to assist our customers with achieving their HIPAA Compliance objectives.

Many of our customers include Independent Software Vendors (ISVs) who serve the healthcare market and require HIPAA compliance. Some also wish to move their applications to a hosted Software as a Service (SaaS) model.  Whether you are a Covered Entity, a Business Associate, or a technology provider to the healthcare market, Connectria can help you implement and manage a HIPAA Compliant environment in AWS.

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