TRIA Multi-Cloud

Managed AWS and AWS Support Services Multi-Cloud Management for AWS, Azure, VMware, UNIX & IBM iSeries Clouds

TRIA Multi-Cloud is the only multi-cloud management solution that enables management of AWS, Azure, VMware, UNIX and IBM iSeries cloud environments from a single dashboard.

TRIA Multi-Cloud provides consolidated visibility and policy automation across multiple public and private clouds as well as accounts. It continuously gathers data from multiple cloud resources, identifies changes, creates events, and alerts Connectria’s 24/7 Command Center for intervention.

TRIA Multi-Cloud includes native automation which can actively fix problems, rather than simply notifying Connectria or our customers after the fact when it may be too late. It can also auto-discover and apply policy to existing and new cloud resources regardless of how resources are provisioned or changed over time.

The result is a DevOps best practice approach to managing Performance, Security/Compliance, and Costs in the cloud.

1. Performance: 24/7 advanced monitoring & management (application, cloud, infrastructure, storage, networking, database) to ensure that your entire environment is always up and running at peak performance.
2. Security / Compliance: 24/7 comprehensive security monitoring & management by our Security Operations Center (SOC) to ensure that your applications and data are secure, including both HIPAA/HITECH and PCI DSS compliance.
3. Cost Optimization: 24/7 cost monitoring of your cloud environments to ensure you minimize costs and maximize your budget. Connectria will continually monitor usage and look for unused, underutilized, or inappropriately used resources. Includes reporting and guidance on how best to optimize your spend to ensure you get the most for your money.

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