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Secure Trading is one of the world’s leading independent payment service providers. With cutting-edge technology and over 16 years of experience, they help licensed gambling operators be in full compliance with evolving Internet gambling regulations. A custom hosting solution was essential for Secure Trading due to strict PCI compliance requirements, specific software requirements, and high transaction volumes. Discover why Secure Trading chose Connectria’s custom hosting solution to manage their IT infrastructure.

About Secure Trading

onevizion Secure Trading is a leading independent payment service provider. They enable licensed gambling operators to be in full compliance with evolving Internet gambling regulations by providing player registration, verification, validation, and financial processing services. From mobile optimization and security to payment collection and management, Secure Trading provides the suite of back-end services that make online gaming possible.

Founded in 1997, the company has maintained a focus on security, reliability, flexibility, and easy integration. Acquired by UC Group in 1999, Secure Trading is integrated with banks all over the world, as well as multiple shopping carts, alternative payment providers, and ecommerce solutions specialists. Today Secure Trading has offices in both the US and the UK.

Secure Trading Challenges

hcsAs the U.S. market for internet gambling began to open up, Federal legislation wasn’t the only challenge Secure Trading confronted. Secure Trading had built an end-toend compliant and payment system for the U.S. internet gambling market, however was unable to go beyond dev/test mode after 3 years with a notable hosting provider. Its backoffice system was complicated and robust.

Key components and modules included:
- A registration module to ensure each customer was a valid resident of an authorized state
- A validation component each time a customer logged in
- A payment processing system for gambling transactions
- A robust Federal tax module to address varying state tax implications

As Secure Trading searched for a new hosting provider, they were recommended to investigate Connectria. Their new hosting provider would have to address several critical requirements.

First, given Secure Trading managed financial payment data and credit card data, PCI compliance was essential. The sensitive nature of the data meant Secure Trading needed a provider who not only offered PCI compliant hosting, but had extensive experience in this field.

Next, Secure Trading required a hosting provider who was flexible enough to host their specific IBM and Oracle technologies and handle fluctuating transaction volumes. The provider also needed to be able to scale quickly as the workload scaled.

Finally, Secure Trading was intent on creating a partnership with a hosting provider instead of distantly outsourcing their infrastructure. They needed a provider with equal concern for the success of both businesses.

Choosing Connectria

Secure Trading found that many hosting providers could not meet their full list of custom requirements, or were not willing to support a gaming workload. After considering several service providers, Secure Trading chose Connectria for its flexibility, expertise, responsiveness, and partnership approach to the hosting relationship.

aws monitoring With more than 17 years in the hosting industry, Connectria was a partner that Secure Trading could trust. Unlike many competitors, Connectria not only supported Secure Trading’s unique stack of IBM and Oracle, but also had extensive PCI compliance experience.

Kevin Dodson, Secure Trading Executive Vice President, gave the following advice when looking for a hosting provider. “Make sure you select a data center partner as a partner, not just an outsourcer. There needs to be an intrinsic connection and relationship with them at every level. Although you may be outsourcing, you do not lose responsibility to make it work. In selecting the right partner you need to select the right people that can work with you, not just turn over everything to them to let them run with it. We’ve seen how it can be done well and how it can be done badly. Connectria gave us the right comfort level from the start.”

hcsConnectria provided a custom hosting solution for Secure Trading, which consisted of Linux, IBM Pureflex, IBM AIX, VMware, Oracle 10g/11g databases, and Oracle RAC. With this unique solution Connectria could confidently handle the transaction load Secure Trading’s applications put on the infrastructure.

From day one Connectria promised to deliver above and beyond service and work closely with Secure Trading to accomplish their goals. This exemplifies Connectria’s commitment to its customers.

Connectria understood the importance of processing times, so they suggested moving to IBM’s PureFlex servers, which provided greater throughput time and additional flexibility. The ability of Connectria to consistently deliver on promises created a level of comfort and trust that led Secure Trading to choose Connectria as its partner.

Connectria also provides 24/7 Monitoring, Management and Administration of the OneVizion web front-end and Oracle 11i database infrastructure hosted within Connectria’s enterprise class data centers.

About Connectria

Connectria provides award-winning cloud computing, managed hosting and custom managed hosting solutions for more than 1,000 customers in over 30 countries worldwide. Recognized as the #1 Cloud in North America, we are experts in complex multi-vendor solutions, and we support the broadest range of technologies, managed services and security in the industry.

no jerks allowes At the core of Connectria is our No Jerks Allowed® company philosophy. As The Jerk Free Company®, we’ve established a unique culture where every individual goes “the extra mile” to take care of our customers. Being The Jerk Free Company® extends beyond our people too. We make it easy to do business with us through flexible terms, scalable solutions and straightforward pricing to serve the hosting needs of large and small organizations alike.

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