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Romanello Consulting provides data analysis and reporting services for Management Services Organizations (MSO’s) and Independent Practice Associations (IPA’s) within the healthcare field. When Romanello expanded their product offering and needed application deployment assistance, they turned to Connectria. Find out why.

About Romanello Consulting

Romanello Consulting is a healthcare consulting company that provides data analysis and reporting services for MSO’s and IPA’s. These services are designed to assist in the management of risk contracts for Managed Care. Their services include data acquisition, analysis, benchmarking and reporting of revenue, risk funds, claims liability, administrative fees and other costs that impact the profitability of an MSO/IPA with regard to Full or Partial Risk Contracts. They have developed a series of analytical tools that they employ to derive critical knowledge from the volumes of data available from various health plans. Their systems provide detailed reporting which is needed to track and trend patient and provider utilization. They can identify utilization patterns that may require interventions on the part of the MSO/IPA to manage costs and profitability while maintaining quality care for the patient.

Romanello Consulting Challenges

As Romanello Consulting’s product offering continued to expand, they quickly realized the burden it would be if they were to host their application in house. The expense to run and maintain a data center, as well as managing upgrades were huge challenges that Romanello Consulting did not want to take on. They also did not have a dedicated internal IT staff that they could devote to this maintenance, nor did they want to hire one. The investment cost to buy and run a data center was not in Romanello’s best interest. “We are not an IT company, we provide data analysis and support services to our clients, and that is what we wanted to focus on. Running and maintaining a data center was not exactly our area of expertise. The best alternative for us was to look for a hosting provider that could supply the level of expertise we needed,” said Bruce Romanello, CEO, Romanello Consulting.

Choosing Connectria

Romanello Consulting began their search for a hosting provider by using the power of the internet. They considered several key factors:

  • The ability to support Citrix deployments
  • Expert support staff
  • 24/7 availability of their application
  • Scalability, redundancy, and catastrophic recovery

Citrix was something that Bruce Romanello was very familiar with, and this knowledge was particularly helpful when interviewing three potential hosting providers. “Lots of the companies I interviewed didn’t seem to have an in depth knowledge or robust Citrix offering. They told me it was something they could look into, but with the highly sensitive data at hand, I was not comfortable with someone learning at our expense,” said Romanello. However, when speaking to Connectria, Romanello didn’t have doubt that he had with others. The conversations with Connectria were comfortable and easy which ultimately led to Romanello selecting Connectria as their Citrix hosting provider.

“In checking Connectria’s references, it was clear that they were experts in Citrix hosting, and a provider that we trusted partnering with ,” said Romanello. Connectria Hosting also offered Romanello Consulting the option to test the Citrix environment for a 30 day period through the Connectria Citrix Quickstart Program. The program allowed Romanello Consulting to test the environment first before agreeing to a long term contract. Connectria’s thorough Citrix understanding continued to resonate with Romanello through the Quickstart program, thus leading to a longer term contract.

The implementation process was quick and smooth, with clear communication back and forth. The Citrix platform allows Romanello’s client base to access the application anytime, anywhere from the internet. Their clients really like the ease of use in not having to involve their internal IT departments.

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