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With over a decade of development and implementation experience, OneVizion is well equipped to assist companies in addressing enterprise program management challenges. OneVizion is an on-demand program management solution, enabling companies to consistently deliver programs on-time and under budget. Learn how OneVizion and Connectria have teamed up to provide a low risk, affordable program management solution based upon a hybrid Oracle RAC (Real Application Cluster) hosted solution and managed Amazon Web Services environment.

About OneVizion

onevizion OneVizion is the developer of software also called OneVizion, a Software as a Service (SaaS-based) program management solution. Development of OneVizion started in 1997 with the idea to create a new standard in program management software systems. Since that time OneVizion’s development team has continued to aggressively develop additional feature sets and performance enhancements for its customers in the Telecommunications industry. OneVizion has successfully reduced customer budgets by 60%, as compared to local Access databases or Excel spreadsheet initiatives. As a SaaS solution, OneVizion enables customers to rapidly deploy the software without internal IT support under a cost-effective monthly subscription model. End users are able to securely access OneVizion software 24/7 via the Internet.

OneVizion Challenges

Because OneVizion is a mission-critical application –deployed from multi-billion national deployments to department level teams, OneVizion’s customers depend upon the continuous availability of the solution to drive critical time sensitive goals. As a result, OneVizion uses a combination of Oracle Real Application Cluster (RAC) architecture for its database engine and Amazon Web Services (AWS) for its front-end applications. The major benefits this solution are scalability, high availability and flexibility.

A RAC database is scalable since users can expand or add the number of nodes in the cluster. This enhances the total database engine computing power when the need for high performance arises. With the additional nodes and instances in the database cluster, the system is able to accommodate demands. Addition of another instance creates the opportunity to support a large number of concurrent users, perfect for SaaS environments.

Any instance introduced into the RAC system opens up new memory buffers and permits more user connections without affecting the performance of the other instances. Oracle RAC databases are characterized by high availability because if some nodes fail, the remainder of the nodes will still be available for processing requests.

onevizion For its front-end applications, OneVizion selected Amazon Web Services. AWS allowed OneVizion’s global software development team to rapidly build, test and deploy code. AWS also provided a highly-available and scalable environment its SaaS solution required.

It was important for OneVizion to implement a hosted model, so they could concentrate upon its core capabilities—developing and marketing software, not operating and supporting IT infrastructure. They had several years’ experience as a Connectria customer for its hosted Oracle RAC environment, however needed a vendor with the expertise to implement and manage a secure, reliable AWS solution.

OneVizion chose a well-known “Premier” AWS Consulting Partner, however quickly realized their costs were too high and their Managed AWS expertise was lacking.

Choosing Connectria

Upon learning the availability of Connectria’s Managed AWS services, OneVizion jumped at the chance to bring its entire hybrid infrastructure under Connectria.

They realized that few vendors have the expertise to host Oracle RAC databases and equally as few have the capabilities to effectively implement and manage AWS RDS architecture. Given Connectria has the requisite expertise for both Oracle RAC and Managed AWS under one roof, it was an easy decision for OneVizion to replace its AWS vendor with Connectria.

aws monitoring John Patton, OneVizion President, noted “We knew of Connectria’s superior hosting capabilities with Oracle RAC environments. When we learned that Connectria now offered Managed Amazon Web Services, we had full confidence in them. Connectria implemented a VPC within days of contract signing after working for 3 months with the prior AWS firm. Connectria knows how to build, run & support secure & reliable AWS environments. Most of these “newbies” have no clue.” Patton further added, “In addition to Connectria’s unmatched expertise, Connectria also provided the ultimate flexible approach to financial models and Service License Agreements (SLAs).”

Connectria’s custom SaaS Managed Hosting solution allowed OneVizion to immediately begin offering its OneVizion software to a broader market, without having to build and maintain a complex technology infrastructure or operate a 24/7 support organization.

A key component of Connectria’s custom SaaS Managed Hosting solution was a flat monthly pricing model that allowed OneVizion to accurately budget its costs and build a profitable business model for its SaaS offering. Connectria’s ability to completely tailor its support services to meet OneVizion’s unique requirements was another key component in OneVizion’s successful SaaS offering.

As part of the Software as a Service (SaaS) implementation, Connectria’s engineers provided comprehensive configuration and integration support to assist OneVizion during its launch, allowing OneVizion to greatly minimize its risk.

hcsConnectria also provides 24/7 Monitoring, Management and Administration of the OneVizion web front-end and Oracle 11i database infrastructure hosted within Connectria’s enterprise class data centers.

About Connectria

Connectria provides award-winning cloud computing, managed hosting and custom managed hosting solutions for more than 1,000 customers in over 30 countries worldwide. Recognized as the #1 Cloud in North America, we are experts in complex multi-vendor solutions, and we support the broadest range of technologies, managed services and security in the industry.

no jerks allowes At the core of Connectria is our No Jerks Allowed® company philosophy. As The Jerk Free Company®, we’ve established a unique culture where every individual goes “the extra mile” to take care of our customers. Being The Jerk Free Company® extends beyond our people too. We make it easy to do business with us through flexible terms, scalable solutions and straightforward pricing to serve the hosting needs of large and small organizations alike.

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