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MetaComet® Systems provides royalty management software to licensors of virtually any intellectual or physical property including books, music, video, television, merchandising, and licensing. When MetaComet decided to move their in-house IT environment to an outsourced cloud with Citrix, they chose Connectria. Find out why.

About MetaComet

In 1999 eReads, an original pioneer of digital content publishing, teamed up with technologist and publishing industry expert, David Marlin to collaboratively solve the problem of royalty management in a burgeoning digital world.

Today, MetaComet® Systems is a leader in providing royalty management solutions for intellectual property holders. They help businesses manage their royalty obligations and track the use of content licensed by third parties in the fields of publishing, music, entertainment and other intellectual property. The core of their solution is the Royalty Tracker® Product.

Their success over the years has enabled MetaComet to help smaller companies take advantage of new technology with a lower cost of entry into the market. With their success they quickly realized the need for flexibility and scalability in the management of their software solutions.

MetaComet Challenges

MetaComet’s customer base consists of some the most well-known and respected names in the publishing and entertainment business, so their software systems need the power, reliability and support to service these massive operations. They also have a significant base of small and midsize customers, requiring cost effective delivery of their technology.

In an effort to continue evolving with technology, MetaComet eliminated their internal IT department three years ago, and began outsourcing and moving most of what they do into the cloud.

As MetaComet’s email and CRM systems became outsourced, the strategic decision was made to explore hosting their server-based royalty management applications running on Windows. They decided to host their services via Citrix because it would allow them to web enable their applications. According to David Marlin, President, “Hosting citrix applications was not our area of expertise and we knew that. We wanted to leave the outsourcing to the experts, so we could focus on growing our business.”

Choosing Connectria

As MetaComet began an extensive search for a Citrix hosting vendor, they noticed a common theme among most of these providers. Each seemed to provide a false sense of understanding what it was that MetaComet was looking for, and continually tried to sell services that weren’t of use to them. Connectria was different. The sales team immediately started helping MetaComet solve their problems up front, which quickly evolved into a trusted relationship. The responsiveness that Connectria demonstrated throughout the sales process was what ultimately sealed the deal for MetaComet selecting them as their Citrix hosting provider. “The high level of responsiveness and understanding of our business and customers that they demonstrated in the sales process continued after the sale. The implementation was quick and smooth, and Connectria assisted us throughout the entire process,” said Marlin.

Hosting their royalty software applications in Connectria’s world‑class data centers enables MetaComet to outsource the entire process.

Benefits include the ability to offer their customers robust security, backups, data recovery, and failover. All of these things would not be nearly as secure and reliable if they were hosted locally on customers’ machines. MetaComet clients are able to go to a secure web page and log in. Using Citrix has enabled MetaComet to customize the front end of their applications and feature sleek interfaces that allow their customers to log in quickly. The entire process is seamless. MetaComet’s software solutions work equally well on PC and Mac systems. Aside from providing Citrix hosting, Connectria also provides secure FTP and various email services to MetaComet.

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