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Host Analytics offers the corporate performance management (CPM) industry’s only complete application suite for finance and accounting in the cloud. They help customers drive fact based decisions throughout their organizations by enabling efficiencies with all of their key financial processes including: consolidation and disclosure management, budgeting and forecasting and strategy management. When Host Analytics needed a partner to help deliver a Citrix-based hosted Software as a Service in the Cloud, they chose Connectria. Find out why.

About Host Analytics

Host Analytics was founded in 2000 with the mission to help businesses make better operational and financial decisions through understanding their past and present and future financial performance. They were the first CPM vendor to launch a Software as a Service product. Today they have over 200 employees worldwide, and have established a global presence with customers in every industry and with a large range of revenues from medium sized businesses to large global corporations.

The suite of applications provided by Host Analytics includes full financial consolidation functionality, allowing customers to merge legal entities across many functional currencies. Host Analytics financial consolidation model software recently helped a large deal of the day website to consolidate various entities leading up to a successful IPO. Aside from financial consolidation, Host Analytics applications also help customers with budgeting and forecasting needs in order to accurately project and measure ROI.

Host Analytics Challenges

Host Analytics operates a lean cloud-enabled internal IT organization with employees focused on the vision of the company, and researching and implementing the best technologies to drive continued success. One of the main challenges Host Analytics recently faced was delivering a streamlined user experience for their MAC and mobile users. Depending on the browser of choice, the application experience was different in Chrome, Internet Explorer and Firefox. They needed to find a way to maximize their user experience that was cohesive across all platforms.

The IT employees at Host Analytics set out with a specific goal in mind to achieve the desired user experience. Their knowledge of different technologies led them to Citrix XenApp, an on-demand application delivery solution that enables Windows applications to be managed in a data center and delivered as a service on any device. In order for Host Analytics to implement Citrix XenApp on their applications, they knew they would need to find a 3rd party vendor with this type of expertise.

Choosing Connectria

Host Analytics began their search for a Citrix Hosting provider with several key criteria in mind:

  • A provider that could be the expert in helping them deliver their application via Citrix XenApp according to the specs they had in mind
  • A true business partner that would continually strive to make them a better organization

Host Analytics interviewed many companies throughout the research phase, but Connectria Hosting stood tall as the one and only true expert in the Citrix hosting arena. According to Richard Broome, CIO, "Connectria had a clear understanding around what it was we needed, and how to help us execute that vision. They had a plan from day one, which ultimately led to a very smooth implementation within four weeks."

The relationship with Connectria allows Host Analytics to define the consistent user experience they had in mind. It enables them to deliver mobile applications to internal users and assist MAC customers in accessing their own application service via Citrix XenApp. The ability to publish applications to their internal and external user base has tremendously helped Host Analytics. “We’ve been delighted with the business experience we’ve had with Connectria. We feel that we have really accomplished our goal and are certain we chose the right partner. Connectria has been a huge part of that success,” said Broome.

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