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EHR Pathway provides affordable knowledge and expertise including consulting and software tools that enable physicians to manage the regulatory and business aspects of medical practices such as adopting and implementing Electronic Health Records (EHR). EHR Pathway helps practices with the many changes underway within the healthcare system and allows doctors to focus on the art and science of medicine. Learn how Connectria Hosting allows EHR Pathway to concentrate on consulting and software, not servers.

About EHR Pathway

EHR Pathway was originally founded in 2010 as a consulting company for the healthcare market. With a long history in healthcare and information technology, EHR Pathway’s co-founders recognized an opportunity to focus upon the underserved segment of smaller physician practices addressing the implementation and management of electronic health records.

The adoption of electronic health records is driven in part by government mandates and incentives. The American Recovery and Reimbursement Act, as part of a government stimulus, offer incentives to physicians to begin digitizing their healthcare records. As a result, EHR Pathway decided to help small physician practices, typically a practice of less than 10 clinicians, navigate the transition toward EHR adoption.

As EHR Pathway conducted a number of consulting engagements with its customers, they began to realize there was a better way to deliver their services. Leveraging many of the proprietary tools and capabilities they developed as part of their consulting activity, EHR Pathway created a self-service software portfolio. This suite of applications allows a new model whereby physicians, their staff, and the organizations that support them, use technology to guide the changes underway in the healthcare system such as the move to electronic health records and alternative reimbursement methods.

EHR Pathway Challenges

Designing and architecting their software, BizMed™ Toolbox, as a Software as a Service model, EHR Pathway knew they would require a hosting partner to deliver their solution. In the Spring of 2012, the first version of the BizMed Toolbox was released and it included tools to manage the complex and labor intensive Patient Centered Medical Home recognition process for primary care physicians. The software continues to grow quickly, with new tools made available every four to six weeks.

A hosting partner would allow EHR Pathway to focus upon developing and delivering their solution to customers without having to worry about the significant investment of acquiring and managing IT infrastructure on its own. Given the BizMed Toolbox is free, it was imperative for EHR Pathway to keep costs at a minimum. An affordable hosting partner would aid in the EHR Pathway business model, which is supported by key socially responsible sponsors who also have an interest in serving and building relationships with physicians.

EHR Pathway also needed a secure and scalable solution. Because they target physician practices, having a secure hosted site was very important. And though the actual application does not house patient data initially, EHR Pathway does envision a patient module as part of the Toolbox, so the ability to support HIPAA compliance was an important factor for the future.

Choosing Connectria

Toward the end of 2011, EHR Pathway sent out a Request for Proposal to several hosting companies. EHR Pathway’s requirements were very clear in their technical demands.

They were able to quickly narrow the field down to three and then two after more due diligence.

According to Michael Fondell, EHR Pathway Partner, “I would say as we went through the process, and really tried to ensure that we understood the technical capabilities of different hosting companies, there were a couple of qualities of Connectria that led to the conclusion of selecting them. It really was from the onset, the professionalism and responsiveness of the sales team, the nature of the feedback to our questions, and their expertise in HIPAA compliant hosting as a future requirement.”

Fondell further noted, “As we tried to make an apples to apples comparison on the technical capabilities, we had a lot of confidence that Connectria clearly understood what we were talking about and what we needed.”

EHR Pathway valued Connectria’s flexibility and willingness to grow with them over time. It was evident that Connectria understood that this was a new venture for EHR Pathway and was able to deliver the right solution (for the short-term and long-term), at the right price.

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