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ComSci delivers Technology Financial and Business Management solutions that empower organizations to implement more effective automated IT financial governance. When ComSci evolved its applications to a Software as a Service (SaaS) delivery model beginning in 2006, they decided to move their entire infrastructure platform to a cloud-based service. Find out why ComSci teamed up with Connectria to deliver its award-winning subscriber-based enterprise IT finance applications to over 57,000 users and growing in Connectria’s hosted cloud environment.

About ComSci

For nearly forty years, ComSci has been supporting the processing requirements for large-scale clients with complex technology environments. Their products and services assist clients by providing IT and business management teams with complete visibility and transparency into all IT technology and communications spending across the enterprise. ComSci’s advanced product offerings are able to acquire, normalize, maintain, and report down to the detailed transaction level both the direct and indirect costs of technology services through highly automated processes. These products and services help organizations better manage the cost of IT, foster productive communication between IT and business unit management and support complete financial visibility into the value of technology to meet strategic corporate objectives.

ComSci’s long standing key to success has been their commitment to deliver outstanding service to clients. They provide and allow a level of flexibility and strive to operate as an extension of a client’s organization. ComSci realizes that no two clients’ IT financial and business management processes are exactly the same, and work with their customer’s IT and finance teams to develop the right service portfolio offering for delivering technology across the enterprise. ComSci has proven that it is willing to go the extra mile for its clients providing tailored ‘best practices’ solutions to meet and exceed client expectations. The commitment and responsiveness that ComSci provides is greatly illustrated through their 98%+ client retention rate. ComSci has been providing IT Financial and Business Management applications to many of their Fortune 500 clients for more than twenty years, dramatically setting them apart from their competitors in the technology financial and business management applications industry.

ComSci Challenges

When ComSci began as Communications Sciences, Inc. in 1972, their main focus was the network and communications consumption reporting and invoicing for Global 1000 clients. In recent years, ComSci has evolved into providing a full suite of IT Financial and Business Management applications that are deployed in a ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) or ‘Business Process-as-a-Service’ (BPaaS) delivery model. This application platform is a fully integrated automated enterprise offering that aggregates and processes source data details to meet the IT budgeting and forecasting, services cost modeling, and demand management reporting objectives of its clients. ComSci’s SaaS-based applications allow organizations to manage their IT departments like all other aspects of their business and proactively communicate the value of technology across the enterprise.

sybase In the early stages of building out their SaaS model, they managed the applications and aggregated data internally at ComSci’s New Jersey facilities. As they started migrating many of their data stacks to accommodate more complex, enterprise-based technology transactional data, it was becoming increasingly difficult to support the infrastructure in-house. In addition, many of ComSci’s new Global 1000 clients required stringent security assessments in handling huge volumes of confidential utilization and accounting data.

As a result of these challenges, ComSci quickly realized that they did not want to be in the business of building and hosting data centers for their customers. ComSci launched a search to find a robust managed infrastructure cloud provider that would be able to host and manage terabytes and pedabytes of secure client data on multiple, complex technology platforms, something ComSci did not want to scale in-house. Doing so would 3 mean applying ComSci resources that distracted from building automated state-of-theart technology financial and business management applications. The ability to scale equipment as an operating expense and quickly refresh their infrastructure to newer versions when released were key factors in wanting to find and establish an outsourced cloud solution.

ComSci felt that having a partnership with a cloud provider would give them an edge on being faster to market with their solutions because they could leave the infrastructure aspect to cloud-based data center experts.

Choosing Connectria

As ComSci set out to find an outsourced hosting solution, a few requirements were critical in choosing a vendor:

  • Exceptional customer support that complements the support ComSci provides to their own customers
  • Expert experience in supporting large scale cloud computing environments
  • Flexibility in building custom hosting solutions to fit the individual security and compliance needs of their customers
  • ComSci focused their search on cloud-based data center providers both large and small in size. The larger providers were eliminated based on high costs and little flexibility for customization of their infrastructure solutions. Other providers did not offer extensive cloud computing environments - except for Connectria. In ComSci’s research, they discovered Connectria could provide full support for large scale cloud-based server environments. After several productive meetings with Connectria to discuss their needs, ComSci quickly realized that Connectria met all of their stringent requirements and focused on partnering to meet the demanding needs of ComSci’s customers. According to Lou Takacs, ComSci’s VP of Product Development, “Connectria’s customer focus really resonated with us because it matched the way we do business with our customers, and it made us feel confident in choosing a cloud provider with these same values.”

    Today, Connectria hosts all of ComSci’s customer-facing SaaS-based applications from multiple Connectria data centers. ComSci utilizes many of Connectria’s most complex technologies and various infrastructure components to support its global customer base. Through the years, ComSci’s infrastructure has grown and become increasingly complex in nature. Connectria has been instrumental as a partner with the ability to support the requests from ComSci’s customers by providing cost effective capabilities for infrastructure advancements and improvements. Connectria allows ComSci to rapidly deploy new SaaS-based applications to their customers on state-of-the-art infrastructure, something that would not be possible if the ComSci systems were internally provisioned. ComSci is once again in the process of refreshing and transitioning all of their equipment currently hosted with Connectria, another added benefit of outsourcing their managed infrastructure needs.

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