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Blog September 1, 2017

Top Three Challenges when Implementing and Managing Amazon Web Services

There are many well-known benefits to utilizing Amazon Web Services including operational efficiency, scalability and potential cost savings with minimal up-front investment. However, there are challenges that should be considered when moving to a cloud provider such as AWS. A recent survey of IT professionals revealed the top challenges of managing workloads in the cloud.

The top three challenges were weighted equally at 25 percent and include:

  1. Lack of resources/expertise
  2. Security
  3. Managing costs

Based on these findings, Connectria’s white paper, Top three challenges when implementing and managing Amazon Web Services, further examines the three key areas for consideration when moving workloads to AWS. This compelling white paper looks at the growing challenge of managing and securing workloads in AWS.  Considerations are outlined for addressing proper resourcing, security, compliance and cost optimization for all applications and business-critical data.

Read Connectria’s AWS White Paper to learn more about the AWS challenges highlighted above and how to get the most out of your AWS environment. If you have any questions, please contact us.

About Connectria’s TRIA for AWS Managed Services
TRIA for AWS is Connectria’s comprehensive suite of AWS Managed Services that help you optimize your performance, security and cost so you get the most out of your AWS environment. Connectria’s fully-managed TRIA for AWS Managed Services includes 24/7 AWS Performance Monitoring and Support (NOCTRIA), 24/7 AWS Security Monitoring and Compliance (SOCTRIA) and AWS Cost Optimization (OPTRIA).

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