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Blog September 1, 2017

Top Three Challenges when Implementing and Managing Amazon Web Services

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There are many well-known benefits to utilizing Amazon Web Services (AWS) including operational efficiency, scalability, and potential cost savings with minimal up-front investment. However, there are also challenges that should be considered when moving to a cloud provider. A recent survey of IT professionals revealed the top challenges of managing workloads in the cloud.

The top challenges include:

  1. Lack of resources/expertise
  2. Security
  3. Managing costs

Lack of Resources

Many internal IT teams run lean meaning the resources and experts you have on your team wear many hats. Cloud providers operate at a scale significantly higher than most small to medium businesses (SMBs). Smaller organizations can take advantage of this by working with cloud providers like AWS, Azure, or Google. These public cloud offerings have resources baked into their solutions which can be leveraged by customers big and small.

Alternatively, if your team attempted to build and manage your own cloud, it is highly unlikely it will perform even close to that of a public cloud provider. The resources in people power and capital investment alone are but a small fraction of what the big cloud providers are able to spend. Turn your lack of resources into a benefit by exploring the power of the cloud with help from a managed services provider like Connectria.


Some may say that the public cloud “isn’t all that secure”. In some ways this is true, but in many, it is not. Yes, on-prem and even private cloud solutions have better reputations when it comes to security. However, the public cloud has many failsafes baked into these systems making them inherently secure from the start, with many options to further fortify security by following best practices.

Public cloud providers do not ignore security. Actually, public cloud providers collectively spend billions of dollars each year maintaining security for their cloud offerings. Are there security advantages with a private cloud?  Yes, but they almost always align with regulatory and privacy requirements.

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Managing Cloud Costs

Public cloud services are typically more cost-efficient compared to on-prem or private cloud solutions. Public cloud providers have large economies of scale which enable them to provide more affordable services to customers like you. Public cloud services are priced based on consumption. This means that you only pay for the number of resources used. Therefore, you only pay for what you need and you can easily scale up or down as your needs evolve. This makes public clouds a more cost-effective option for businesses that need agility and adaptability.

TRiA for AWS Managed Services

TRiA is Connectria’s comprehensive suite of AWS Managed Services that helps you optimize your performance, security, and cost so you get the most out of your AWS environment. Connectria’s fully-managed TRiA for AWS Managed Services includes 24/7 AWS Performance Monitoring and Support (NOC), 24/7 AWS Security Monitoring and Compliance (SOC), and AWS Cost Optimization.

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