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Blog April 5, 2016

Top Technology Trends in Business and How Connectria Can Help

Connectria spends a lot of time working to stay several steps ahead of the technology curve and enable our customers to outpace their competition. We’ve compiled a few of our observations in this post, and welcome additions in the comments below.

The most noticeable trend is not a new one. Corporate IT is busy, but not necessarily delivering new value. Understaffed and over-committed IT departments are constantly dealing with compliance and regulatory concerns rather than servicing core internal business systems or building new systems to advance their industry. They are in a constant state of playing catch-up.

Increasing compliance needs also ranks high. Many companies maintain dedicated infrastructure and moving to the cloud feels like they need to give up control. This is not always the case. Connectria is a partner that can step in and help navigate these waters. The strength of our HIPAA compliance and PCI security capabilities enable us to customize an approach that achieves compliance both in dedicated and cloud infrastructure.

Software as a Service (SaaS) trends continue to drive CIO decisions. However, in many cases, the software and tools are still not available yet. In these cases, Connectria can offer a number of customized SaaS solutions to enable a traditional on-premise deployment to be taken to the cloud, allowing your Capital Expenditures (CAPEX) and staffing increases to become operating expenditures (OPEX) and controlled.

The needs of the small, medium, and enterprise businesses are converging. The expectations of each overlap. What used to be differentiated by price is not always the case with new cloud capabilities and licensing agreements. Connectria’s “off the menu” approach can be invaluable in these situations as we can customize the entire infrastructure to make it easy to consume. We routinely run environments designed for Fortune 100 and 500 companies, but we can also deliver that same solution to smaller customers at reasonable prices.

Connectria is uniquely positioned to accommodate almost any technology in any consumption model. We run our own data centers, we can provide remote managed services into our customer’s data centers, and we can support 3rd party clouds like Amazon AWS and Microsoft Azure. We have a very diverse technology skillset including commodity platforms like Windows and Linux and highly specialized platforms including IBM i and AIX. Our flexibility and willingness to partner ensures a customer cannot outgrow our capabilities, no matter the size.

Don’t hesitate to contact us and discuss how our people and solutions can work for you.

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