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Blog June 10, 2020

The Perfect Tool for Migrating Windows Applications to AWS

So, you realized the advantage and added benefits of migrating applications and data to the cloud. You checked off each item from our migration preflight checklist. You discovered the right cloud strategy for your business and orchestrated a plan for implementation. Now what? Before you can fully realize the added benefits of better cost control, increased security, and compliance, your migration needs the right solution and support.

Over 50 percent of on-premise Windows workloads are running on unsupported versions. Many of these workloads can be moved to AWS. Here, they’ll be updated to run on the latest Windows Server without any code changes. Ultimately allowing you to avoid the risks associated with maintaining end-of-life platforms.

AWS offers an elegant solution for migrating your legacy Windows applications (2012 and earlier) to a supported version of Windows Server on AWS. The End-of-Support Migration Program (EMP) tool from AWS is the perfect tool for migrating Windows applications running on end-of-support versions. Connectria can conduct an assessment using the EMP toolset, an exclusive benefit available to select AWS partners. Next, we’ll package your application for modern operating system (OS) compatibility and deploy it on a supported version of Windows running in AWS. This will effectively eliminate costs and security risks associated with running workloads on an unsupported platform.

How It Works

Diagram depicts the process of migrating a Windows application to AWS using the AWS EMP tool.

Starting off, once we’ve deployed the application in AWS we’ll continuously manage and optimize the workload as part of our comprehensive managed services package. Are you curious about how this works? Follow along in the steps below:

  1. You provide application requirements and testing criteria to experts from Connectria.
  2. EMP technology determines the OS application dependencies.
  3. Connectria experts use EMP technology to package applications with relevant libraries, files, and dependencies.
  4. Our experts and customers test the packaged applications.
  5. Our team deploys the packaged application on a supported version of Windows Server running in AWS.
  6. We share the operational best practices for Windows Server.

The EMP tool creates an operational layer between the application and the OS; think of it like a cloak. Essentially, the application makes certain OS addresses that the old application doesn’t know. The layer that the EMP inserts is a translation layer that redirects old application instances so that it can interface with the new OS.

Key Benefits of EMP

  1. Future-proof your legacy applications – Defend your applications by decoupling these applications from an unsupported Windows Server operating system.
  2. Minimize risk – Proactively receive the latest patches and operating system-wide security improvements by running your packaged applications on supported versions of Windows Server.
  3. Reduce cost and complexity – With EMP for Windows Server, you no longer need to refactor your applications to ensure compatibility with the new version of Windows Server. Instead, you only pay for the expert engagement to drive migration of your applications to AWS using the EMP technology. This effectively reduces the cost and complexity associated with the process.
  4. Works for a wide range of applications – EMP for Windows Server helps upgrade applications regardless of the availability of installation media or code and supports even your most complicated applications.

Are You Getting the Most from Your Cloud Investment?

Ultimately, Connectria has performed thousands of migrations. Our team is comprised of migration experts with expansive knowledge on application compatibility, project scope, scaling, and more. In fact, Connectria has been recognized by AWS for our delivery of Windows on EC2. Moreover, we’re also an advanced consulting partner with these programs, which means we are able to secure potential funding from AWS to help offset costs. You can learn more about this and the other AWS competencies we hold in our AWS partner profile.

Contact Connectria for more information. As a leading AWS Consulting Partner & Audited Managed Service provider, our comprehensive suite of AWS services has helped hundreds of organizations successfully move to the cloud. If you need to speak with one of our Cloud Migration or Managed Cloud Services advisors, you can request a meeting here.

Our migration experts are here to help you move your Windows workloads to AWS so you can start taking advantage of the cloud.

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