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Blog October 26, 2020

The Next Generation of TRiA is Here

We’re excited to share the latest version of TRiA, our multi-cloud management platform. TRiA combines our IBM i and VMware management features with a collection of new AWS and Azure management features and brings them together in a unified, redesigned UI.

This update includes

    • A new and improved mobile-friendly dashboard UI 📱
    • A new multi-cloud cost optimization dashboard ☁️
    • New Backup insights for VMware deployments 💡
    • Integrated savings recommendations with actionable advice on reducing your cloud-spend 💰
    • Compliance dashboard for understanding your cloud’s compliance posture ✔

Mobile-friendly UI

TRiA multi-cloud management software mobile UI for alerts, ticketing, and cloud monitoring
You can now access your cloud monitoring dashboards, alerts, ticketing, and other TRiA features from any mobile device to stay on top of what’s going on across your infrastructure whether you’re in the office or on the go.

Multi-cloud cost optimization dashboard

TRiA multi-cloud management software cost optimization dashboard for analyzing AWS and Azure cloud spend and identifying cost savings
TRiA provides comprehensive insights into your multi-cloud cost-structure and saving opportunities. The ‘Cost at a Glance’ card displays your running cloud spend vs. forecasted spend for your various cloud deployments.

By default, the Spend Dashboard summarizes your costs across all of your accounts, and shows your past, running, and forecasted cloud-spend for the last 12 months.

Integrated savings recommendations

TRiA multi-cloud management software AWS and Azure cost saving recommendations
The Spend Dashboard also provides insight into your saving potential. Using the Spend Optimization tool, you can view a detailed breakdown of services and cloud resources with savings potential. Cost optimizations are identified using best-practice checks that deliver reduced hourly rates, configuration optimization, and/or recommendations specific to select services.

Backup insights for VMware deployments

TRiA multi-cloud management platform backup job report for VMware environments
To help further increase your visibility into your environment, we’ve added Backup insights so you can view a report of your VMware backup jobs with completion status, backup types, and more.

Compliance posture dashboard

Understanding compliance standards and how those apply to a multi-cloud environment can be a large hurdle preventing you from regulating data to the cloud, to begin with. TRiA provides a simple solution to this problem. Compliance Insights evaluates your multi-cloud compliance posture against relevant compliance standards and automatically identifies out-of-compliance issues.

To dig deeper into your multi-cloud compliance, you can view a report of your running, passed, and failed compliance insights. Then, you can work directly with our compliance team to remediate any issues identified in the environment.

What’s next for TRiA?

Our goal is to deliver a faster, more transparent managed services experience and redefine the way businesses manage multi-cloud environments. Our team has been improving and developing new features for TRiA faster than ever, and we’re excited to start sharing the next generation of TRiA with you.

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