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Blog September 15, 2014

Cloud Computing: Bringing Big Changes to Small Businesses

The benefits of cloud computing aren’t just for enterprises and government agencies. Now, its transformative impact is bringing about big changes to small businesses as well.

A recent study by Emergent Research, ‘Small Business Success in the Cloud,’ describes the impact of cloud technology as it becomes increasingly adopted among the small business community. According to the study, the percentage of U.S. small businesses using cloud computing is expected to grow by more than half by the year 2020, from 37% to nearly 80%.

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Bringing Big Changes to Small Businesses

Small businesses are learning more about the benefits of cloud and cloud migrations. It can improve efficiency and help transform your overall approach to business. Additionally, the study presents four emergent “personas” of small businesses that have fully adapted to the cloud:

  1. Plug-in Players: Small businesses will increasingly adapt to the cloud by taking advantage of specialized services that can be seamlessly integrated into back-office operations. Cloud-adapted small businesses will plug into cloud-based providers who deliver comprehensive, tailored solutions, giving small business operators the ability to focus on mission-critical areas of business.
  2. Hives: Cloud-adapted small businesses will increasingly be made up of individuals who share talent to form a team. These businesses will operate virtually, with employees working in different locations, and staffing levels will be increasingly flexible, rising and falling to meet project needs.
  3. Head-to-Headers: A growing number of cloud-adapted small businesses will compete head-to-head with major firms, using the growing number of platforms and plug-in services to reach markets once only accessible to large corporations.
  4. Portfolioists: Successful cloud-adapted freelancers will bring together multiple income streams to create a career portfolio. They will increasingly build personal “empires” in the cloud, finding previously unseen opportunities for revenue generation. A great example would be freelancers

These personas help demonstrate how the cloud is creating a new era of opportunity for entrepreneurs. It also highlights how cloud computing is easing the barriers of entry in starting or growing a business. Don’t get left behind, contact one of our cloud experts below to learn more today.


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