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Blog September 20, 2016

Quickly Launch a Fully Managed Citrix Environment with Connectria

Connectria’s Citrix Cloud Services is a fully managed, high availability Enterprise-class solution that provides customers with a redundant infrastructure to run their applications and desktops. Each customer gets a dedicated application server that runs on a highly available VMware infrastructure. This allows customers to quickly launch a fully managed Citrix Hosting environment and run Windows applications within hours. A fully managed environment includes OS Updates, Backups, Anti-Virus, Network IDS and much more.

Citrix Cloud Services

Connectria has developed an alternative to provide a more cost-effective solution rather than having to purchase everything a company needs to deploy a completely private cloud environment including:

  • storage
  • server
  • hardware
  • security
  • and more

Connectria’s Citrix Cloud Services is ideal for small businesses, such as a law firm, local retailer/restaurant, or dental office. It also still meets the needs of customers requiring HIPAA compliance, PCI compliance or other security needs. Connectria’s Citrix Cloud Services is an enterprise-grade solution that’s perfect for Citrix environments with 20 or fewer users that need to be up and running quickly.

Start Small, Launch Quickly

Within the Citrix Hosting environment, each customer has their own dedicated Citrix Application Server but accesses it through a secure, shared front-end service. The service is delivered through a redundant NetScaler that makes applications five times better through the use of performance acceleration technologies while maintaining security.

With Connectria’s Citrix Cloud Services, companies can start small and launch quickly, at an affordable price. All of the infrastructure components required for a Citrix Server to operate are included in the offering, as well as a dedicated virtual machine (VM) for the end-user, making affordable what was once cost-prohibitive for customers with a smaller number of users. It allows them to run their mission-critical applications in the cloud and access them using any device, anytime, anywhere.

Citrix & Connectria

Connectria has a 15-year track record of successfully running large scale Citrix Hosting environments for thousands of customers worldwide. The same expert engineers who support and design environments for large enterprise customers also work to architect and support the Connectria Citrix Cloud Services solution. With 24/7 world-class support and award-winning Managed Services, Connectria’s Citrix Cloud Services allows customers to focus more on their business and worry less about their IT environment.

If you have any questions regarding Connectria’s Citrix Cloud Services, Citrix Hosting, or any other services we provide, please contact us.



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