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Blog June 24, 2013

Physical Data Center Security Must Haves

Running a data center is true science, whether you own the facility or are leasing it through a data center solutions company. Aside from cybersecurity, your facilities must have and maintain the highest level of physical data center security to eliminate any potential risks to your data and facility. Below are some security measures included in Connectria’s four world-class data centers, which should be a part of any IT operation. Whether you run your own data center or use a managed hosting provider, most of these features are must-haves.

Data Center Structure

  • Security guards – this is the first line of defense of any data center. All visitors must sign in and present a valid identification.
  • Proximity access to elevators – authorized visitors must have a badge capable of being scanned or be accompanied by an employee who can authorize access.
  • Limited access to the outside – a data center must be completely closed in from the outside. All windows should be sealed.
  • Security cameras – cameras greet you from the time you walk in to the building until the time you leave. Entire facility should be monitored by closed-circuit television.
  • Minimal amount of entrances – ensures all visitors are authorized.
  • No Fly Zone – this may not be the first security measure that comes to mind, but it can significantly reduce the risk for any aerial incidents. Connectria’s St. Louis data centers are located near a federal government building and are a part of the St. Louis no fly zone.

Inside the Data Center

  • Mantrap – this space separates the data center from the outside hallway effectively creating another physical layer of security. Visitors must sign in AND sign out to ensure a login trail. Logs are kept many months after a visit for audit purposes.
  • Security cameras – another set of (separate) cameras is present inside the mantrap and also throughout the data center itself.
  • Authentication – 2 forms of authentication are installed at every door- proximity (RFID) and biometric (fingerprint).
  • Limited entry points – as with the structure, there is only one entrance for visitors, which also requires 2 forms of authentication.
  • Limited signage – there’s minimal labeling on the doors to further protect the data center. This is one of our customers’ favorite physical security features.
  • Mandatory identity logging – every person walking into the building/space must sign in and sign out.

Security & Compliance Comes First

Since day one, Connectria has been at the forefront of protecting sensitive data for customers of all sizes in all industries. We proactively look for vulnerabilities as part of our commitment to ensuring the highest standards for customers’ data protection and uninterrupted access to their data. We do this because we believe security and compliance come first. It’s our commitment to always be searching for possible threats and to proactively taking precautions to ensure the integrity of our customers’ systems.

Contact Connectria if you have any questions about data center security and compliance. More than 1,000 organizations worldwide rely on Connectria to provide data center security, disaster recovery, outsourcing, and managed hosting. Our Solutions Architects are available 24/7 to assist you and our top priority is to identify and deliver a hosting solution that best meets your unique needs. Download our Data Center Fact Sheet to learn more about Connectria’s commitment to security in our own facilities.

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