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Blog May 16, 2014

Serving as an Extension of Your Team…But Better

In today’s day and age, who couldn’t use an extra set of hands when it comes to managing their IT? Here at Connectria we say that we serve as an extension of your team… BUT BETTER. Why better, you ask? Here’s why:

We are NOT an outsourcing company, we are a hosting company: Our services are not geared to replace any employees, but instead enable them to focus on more strategic tasks they may not typically have time to do. We handle the day-to-day maintenance and security of the infrastructure, whether it is in our data centers or yours. All of our support staff is U.S.-based and available24/7.

We don’t have any generalists, only experts: While IT employees in most companies have to wear a lot of hats, our size allows us to have a considerable number of engineers that can focus on specific technologies, thus becoming experts in each respective area. Whether it is Windows, Linux or secure compliant hosting, we have dedicated engineers for any related task. This becomes even more valuable when talking about legacy systems such as Oracle, IBM i or AIX, where tenured personnel is extremely hard to find. While we have the size that allows us to specialize, we work as a team to deliver personalized service to each of our clients.

We will run your environment like a well-oiled machine with no interruptions: With a dedicated team for each customer’s environment, you can be sure your support will remain consistent. You won’t ever have to worry about finding new staff to maintain your infrastructure. No one can appreciate this more than IT managers responsible for running complex, multi-platform environments where continuity is absolutely critical.

Stretch your environment (and dollars) further: Our team will apply best practices and optimizations established by working with thousands of environments for more than 16 years. We help optimize your infrastructure and databases with the model that works best for your organization, whether it be the AWS pay-as-you-go model, cloud computing or dedicated infrastructure.

If your organization is looking to provide better IT support, give us a shout at

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