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Blog May 20, 2013

What Keeps Customers, Partners and Employees Happy?

As I travel around meeting with our Connectria Customers and Partners, I am often amazed that one of the first subjects they want to discuss is our “No Jerks Allowed” policy.
One would think that our meetings would generally start with an overview of the customer’s needs, systems,  an update on our relationship as partners, or better yet, our recent award for being the “top performing cloud provider in the U.S.”.   Yet, invariably, we start almost every conversation with their fascination and appreciation of our “No Jerks Allowed” policy.   I think that is a testament to where we are in business today, as many customers and employees appreciate a healthy “jerk free” culture where they can expect to be treated well, first and foremost.
Many customers ask why we instituted the “No Jerks Allowed” policy.  The answer is simple–our business has always depended upon it.

You see, in hosting there are three key components to a successful business relationship:
1.    Long-term Customers
2.    Long-term Employees
3.    Loyal Technology Partners


Customers pay our bills.  They are the reason why we are in business and a key contributor to Connectria’s growth.  Having long term customers enables us to offer new and exciting services across the globe to new businesses.   Our customers depend on Connectria to manage their most critical production IT assets, and ensure that they are up and running efficiently 24/7/365.   We are their IT staff, and we believe they deserve a relationship where they are treated with respect and dignity, regardless of the situation.
Our customers deserve to have a relationship built upon honesty and trust. Our “No Jerks Allowed” policy demands that we will deliver on our promises and regularly “go the extra mile,” without hidden agendas or cost.


Employees are the lifeblood of Connectria.  Hosting a customer’s infrastructure is only as successful as the engineering talent that manages the day-to-day operations for that customer.
Having tenured and talented engineers on staff allow our customers to work with the same team day in and day out, year after year. This longevity saves our customers the hassle of training new staff and all the other headaches that go along with that process.
Our “No Jerks Allowed” policy not only applies to our internal employees and how they treat our customers and each other, but also to our customers and how they treat us. We are willing to lose a customer if we find that they are not treating our employees with the same level of respect in which we treat them. No one wants to work in a hostile environment.  Our “No Jerks Allowed” policy helps us to secure and retain brilliant and happy employees who keep our customers satisfied right from day one.

Technology Partners

Technology Partners are the secret sauce in any hosting relationship. The key benefits that our partners enable include an understanding of where the industry is going, providing quality training to our engineers, enabling us to stay ahead of the curve with the most current releases and being able to support new technologies as soon as they’re  available.
Without great relationships with our technology partners, we would be unable to provide these added service benefits to our customers.  Because of our close relationship with our key partners, we are able to offer our customers the most advanced technologies as soon as they are available.  We don’t believe in “nickel and diming our partners,” rather we are excited and honored to invest in their business.  It is important to us that they are profitable and growing, as we know that in return we will be able to continue to offer our customers the leading technologies at a fair price.
No Jerks Allowed seems like a novel concept.  At Connectria, it is more than novel.  It is the heart of our business, our culture and our relationship with everyone that walks through our doors.
We are proud of our culture, and more importantly, we are excited when a prospect or a partner wants to know more about our “No Jerks Allowed” policy, because that is exactly the kind of company we want to do business with!

Get more information on our “No Jerks Allowed” policy on our website.

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