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Blog December 27, 2017

Soctria’s Intrusion Detection System offers Protection to your Environment

Cyber security should be a top priority for any organization, no matter what size or type. Every host-based and cloud environment is vulnerable to various threats, and new threat types and targets emerge continuously. For instance, new ransomware infections, such as Cryptolocker and Locky, have seen exponential growth this year and will get worse in 2017. These infections use craftier methods to attack and encrypt files before organizations even notice the intrusion. A crypto-virus somehow convinces a user to click on a link or downloadable file, executing an encryption package as soon as the user clicks. Recent victims of such attacks include the New York Times and Newsweek.

Do you know how effective your current security tools are when it comes to dealing with emerging threats?

SOCTRIA, part of TRIA for AWS, is Connectria’s complete suite of security services that delivers 24/7 security management and compliance by our Security Operations Center (SOC). Along with Endpoint Protection (AV, Anti-malware, HIPS, Zero-Day, and Customization), Firewalls, Vulnerability Scans, and DDoS, this service includes Intrusion Detection Systems (IDS) to notify our customers of malicious activity on their environment.

All of the security tools within SOCTRIA work together to let the SOC know what is going on in each customer’s environment. An IDS is put on each of your machines or your hosts to help us find oddities being sent to your environment. This means that even if traffic is sent using HTTPS, the IDS jumps in once your machine opens it and looks at the information first. That information, along with information from firewalls, vulnerability scans, and anti-virus and anti-malware systems, is then sent to our Security Information Event Management (SIEM) software to quickly identify, analyze and inspect all of the logs sent to your environment.

Our SIEM delivers the information directly to the SOC, which we use to provide rapid incident response to our customers. Most organizations, large or small, can benefit from SOCTRIA and our IDS. Whether your organization doesn’t have the capacity or resources for security or your organization doesn’t want to have and support an IT division, Connectria can provide cost-effective, 24/7 security management and compliance.

Due to the new threat types emerging almost on a daily basis and the sophistication of these attacks, Connectria provides multiple layers of security to protect our customers. IDS is just one of them. If you have any questions regarding IDS, SOCTRIA, or any other services Connectria provides, please contact us.

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