Blog March 29, 2016

HIMSS16 Wrap Up: Volume 2

We’ve received a number of inquiries from fellow HIMSS attendees looking for more detail on what exactly goes into our HIPAA Compliance solutions and also about our partnership with Amazon’s AWS. We thought we’d compile a few of our answers into a (hopefully helpful) blog post.

Connectria is a HIPAA/HITECH Compliant company. That means that as a company, we undergo annual HIPAA/HITECH Assessment by a third party. This assessment covers how we manage security in our data centers and offices, how we manage server and system credentials, how we train all of our employees on managing PHI workloads, etc.

In addition, over our past 10 years of managing HIPAA environments, we have developed our own HIPAA Compliance Support Plan which is a comprehensive set of security and support features designed to assist you with getting HIPAA Compliant. This includes Encryption of Data at Rest and Data in Transit, Encrypted Offsite Backups, Centralized Log Services, File Integrity Management, Vulnerability Scanning, and much more. It even includes our Compliance Team, who is dedicated to assisting our HIPAA Customers at being compliant. With most providers, these services are an extra fee and greatly increase the cost of the environment, but Connectria includes it as a complete HIPAA Compliance solution.

We also found that many of the attendees that stopped by our booth were interested in our partnership with Amazon Web Services (AWS). As a Certified MSP (Managed Service Partner), we have demonstrated our competency in managing AWS environments through a third-party audit. In addition, we are one of very few MSPs that have also achieved the “AWS Healthcare Competency” which is the AWS designation for companies that also maintain a competency in managing Healthcare and Life Science environments. This is a unique combination of HIPAA Compliance abilities as it allows Connectria to support HIPAA workloads in our own data centers, in any AWS Region, or a combination of both. This also gives the Connectria customer the flexibility of leveraging the power of the world’s most flexible cloud compute stack (AWS) with the security and compliance of having a purely dedicated physical infrastructure at Connectria.

For more information on our Compliance solutions or if you have any additional questions, don’t hesitate to contact us. Hope to see you at HIMSS17!

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