Blog April 8, 2015

Gearing up for HIMSS15: Spotlight on HIPAA

With Health Information Management and Systems Society’s (HIMSS15) Conference – the premier trade show event that brings together 38,000 attendees including healthcare IT professionals, clinicians, executives and vendors – less than a week away, there is a lot of chatter around what to expect from this year’s conference and the “hot topics” that are likely to take center stage. One topic we anticipate will top the list (and is a top concern for us here at Connectria), is health data security.

Only a few months into 2015, we have already seen two major information breaches: Anthem and Premera Blue Cross. To date, Anthem is the largest breach of HIPAA data in the history of the HIPAA Security Standard; Premera’s breach affected over 11 million people. What’s more: for the last two years, healthcare organizations have accounted for over 40 percent of total data breaches, bringing this issue to the forefront of the industry, commanding attention.

Given that many healthcare organizations are now choosing to host their protected health information (PHI) in the cloud, it is imperative they choose hosting companies that specialize in HIPAA Compliant Hosting.  Companies with this expertise can ensure that their data is secure and reliable in such complex regulatory environments. This growing trend will be reflected and reinforced at HIMSS15 by the number of sessions dedicated to this topic, including: What Does “HIPAA Compliant” Mean?, Challenges Working with or Being a HIPAA Business Associate, Preparing for a New Level of HIPAA Enforcement, and Cyber Security and the Current State of HIPAA Enforcement.

Health data security and HIPAA will also take center stage at our booth, #8160, where Connectria’s David Pollard and Brian Whitt will discuss these topics and how our company can help organizations address compliance concerns and meet the ever-changing standards of the industry. Healthcare is an integral part of Connectria’s business; since becoming the first company to deliver HIPAA Compliant Cloud Hosting in 2007, we have provided 100% secure and reliable HIPAA solutions for our customers.

We will also be announcing some exciting news at HIMSS around our HIPAA Compliant Hosting– check back in next week for more!

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