Blog August 25, 2015

Faces Behind the Cloud: John G.

We’re excited to introduce our second Face Behind the Cloud: John G! John is Manager of Data Protection Services, overseeing all backup and recovery operations using a variety of tools. He has been with Connectria for just under four and a half years. He sat down with me to discuss his views on customer service.


What about the cloud interests you the most?
I like the scalability of the cloud. The ease of use is really nice and really cool. I think it’s a nice inexpensive option for people who are looking for that kind of service.

What is your personal customer service mantra?
The customers are our lifeblood. They are the single most important piece of the business and keeping them happy will ensure that they stay with us for a long time.

What is your most memorable customer interaction?
I was running Veeam failover why Skyping with a customer and showing them my view of the Smokey Mountains while on vacation. The failover went great and the customer was extremely happy and a little jealous of my view.

What makes Connectria the ideal company to work with and for?
The people we work with are an amazing group of folks. We work hard. Everyone is more than willing to help each other. There is a very positive work environment that the company promotes. With that kind of environment, everyone is more willing to jump in and help with problems and offer different perspectives and views of how to solve the issue.

What are your personal pet peeves when you are in the role of a customer?
It bothers me when I get on with someone who doesn’t know what they’re doing or has no knowledge of the product. Here at Connectria, you don’t have to worry about dealing with inexperienced staff.

Have you ever been treated rudely or unfairly by a customer? How did you handle it?
Yes, I was treated very rudely by a customer one time. The best way to deal with that kind of attitude is to try to ask as many questions as you can and get as much information as you can from the customer. In this case, I did just that, got to the root cause of the problem, and was able to correct it.

In your opinion, what makes a great business partner or customer service professional?
I think a great business partner and customer service professional is someone who understands their customers and knows and can anticipate what their customer is going to need next. It’s also someone who will take that next step with the customer and be proactive rather than reactive.

What does “No Jerks Allowed” mean to you?
It means exactly what it says. There are no jerks allowed whether it be customers, employees, vendors, etc. It means we always strive to be respectful and polite to everyone regardless of the situation.

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