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Blog May 3, 2016

Faces Behind the Cloud: Amber

Amber, Technical Account Manager, has been with Connectria for five years. Her main responsibilities center around customer service and project management – she is responsible for customer onboarding, project management, technical account assistance, and internal process improvement & administration. She sat down with us for a few minutes to review how she works “behind the cloud.”

What about the cloud interests you most?
I am a proponent of cloud computing because it provides the ability to expand technology while reducing its carbon footprint once put in place by physical hardware and power located in the traditional data center.

What is your personal customer service mantra?
In customer service, it is extremely important to be open and supportive of a customer’s feelings and needs. Just like our organization, people’s lives depend on business continuity and success. My customer service mantra is to establish a trusting relationship and keep nourishing it.

What is your most memorable customer interaction?
I have established a personal connection with a handful of customers that allow us to take a quick mental break from the daily work grind to talk about our personal lives and interests. I know for me, it reminds me to maintain a balance between my family, friends, and career. I think each of the customers who I am personally connected to would say the same.

What makes Connectria the ideal company to work with and for?
Connectria is an ideal company to work for and with because of its supportive staff – from entry level to the C-Suite. Connectria acknowledges that life exists – and is important – outside of work and when extra support is needed due to life’s unexpected instances, we give it without thinking. I appreciate that and am very grateful for this company.

What are your personal pet peeves when you are in the role of a customer?
When I’m the customer in a situation and I get the sense that the company contact I am speaking with could really care less that I’m there, that’s a big pet peeve of mine. The same goes for that company’s attitude toward its employees. Everyone has their own struggles and need for support. If everyone could just work together and put care into their thoughts and actions, things can become a positive experience for everyone.

Have you ever been treated rudely or unfairly by a customer? How did you handle it?
Yes, a few times. Most of the time, I focus on finding reasoning behind the situation in question and point that out. Other times, I ask for time to figure the situation out and say that I will give them a call back. I think this reaction applies to most people in this type of situation – it’s best to take time to identify and deliver a thoughtful response versus acting quickly and irrationally.

In your opinion, what makes a great business partner or customer service professional?
A great business partner or customer service professional has the ability to listen, provide feedback, and find solutions when one currently may not be available.

What does “No Jerks Allowed” mean to you?
No Jerks Allowed to me is synonymous with the saying “love one another.” In a strictly platonic way, of course! I believe everyone is connected on this earth and your actions can easily change the course of your – or another person’s – life. There is too much negativity and hate in the world to add to it. We need to focus on balancing the positive and negative instances in life. If Connectria colleagues continually added disrespect and selfishness to our daily work, this company would not thrive the way it does. I know this because I’ve worked for a bunch of Jerks prior to Connectria – there was no sense of happiness or support. It broke my heart and I got out of there as soon as possible.

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