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Blog July 21, 2017

Disaster Recovery Tabletop Exercise – Superheros vs. Villians!

Connectria recently conducted their annual Disaster Recovery tabletop exercise with Superheroes vs. Villains as the theme. This fun DR exercise was created to work through a simulated disaster to review of the processes and procedures that would be used in the event of a real crisis. The goal of this exercise is to train employees on how to best respond and to further enhance disaster recovery planning.

The scenario included a cast of misfit villains unleashing havoc upon one of Connectria’s data centers and destroying everything in their path. A team of Connectria’s own super hero employees stepped up to save the data centers. The Superheroes vs Villains fight ensued with a cast of human and server casualties. Running through a DR event, no matter how outlandish, will prepare an organization to respond to a real incident with confidence.

“Disaster Recovery can be a key factor in being successful! That’s why Connectria performs table top exercises annually to learn from each other and how we can become stronger,” said Christine Pitti, Connectria Compliance Manager.

Whether being in the path of a catastrophic sharknado, attacked by zombies or a team of misfit villains, employees look forward to Connectria’s Disaster Recovery Exercises. These fun DR training events are effective because they encourage participation and make learning enjoyable. It is impossible to predict what type of real emergency the future could hold, but we can be sure next year’s annual Disaster Recovery tabletop exercise will be a wild one!

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