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Blog October 25, 2016

Cut Costs and Optimize IT Operations with DBA Services

In order for enterprise applications to run efficiently, constant attention must be given to the database components that they depend on. DBAs (database administrators) are dedicated to administering the environmental aspects of these application databases. However, meeting business demands solely in-house has become more challenging. Organizations with multiple databases are looking to remote DBA providers to focus their internal staff on core competencies around revenue generation and to take over full administration with 24/7 support.

An expert DBA has extensive knowledge in a number of disciplines. These cover a number of fields to include operating systems, storage, networking, as well as the operation and administration of the individual database management systems (DBMs). DBA tasks range from the mundane activities like backups and restores, database maintenance, capacity planning, and monitoring to the more intensive tasks like performance analysis, query tuning, and problem determination. Much of a DBAs time and resources are spent doing low-level administering work, which is critical but rarely related to revenue generation.

Good in-house DBAs can be expensive and hard to find. Many organizations look to outsource DBAs and managed services when they have multiple databases that need high-end services, but they don’t have the budget for an in-house DBA. Remote DBAs maintain or improve their competitive advantages. Database environments are vast and extensive, and in some cases the in-house DBAs are being let go. Yet, someone still needs to ensure the availability and continued optimization of the data storage infrastructure.

There are many advantages to outsourcing a remote DBA.

The biggest advantage is that you aren’t just hiring a single DBA, you are hiring a team of DBAs with a collective experience which far surpasses the individual DBA. In addition, the outsourced DBA has other subject matter experts (SMEs) within the organization which can be brought in to advise and assist in problem resolution and performance analysis. Not only are they less-expensive, but they are also usually delivered at a set price, allowing for more effective financial planning. Remote DBA solutions also decrease the burden on internal staff, provide more effective workload management, and minimizes downtime and response times for problem resolution.

Connectria hosts a wide range of databases including Microsoft SQL Server and SQL Server Clusters, Oracle DB, Oracle RAC, MySQL, and DB2 in some of the world’s most demanding environments. Our expert DBAs provide extensive security protections, sophisticated data backup and restore capabilities, and a mix of Disaster Recovery solutions to ensure that our customers’ data is secure and protected 24/7. If you have any questions or you’d like to request a quote on our DBA services, please contact us.

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