Blog August 17, 2015

Choosing the Right Citrix Hosting Provider

Last week we addressed three frequently asked Citrix questions:

  • Why use Citrix and what at are common use cases?
  • What is the difference between XenApp and XenDesktop?
  • Should I build my Citrix Solution on a Cloud platform or Physical Servers?

Selecting the right platform is only part of the decision process when taking your Citrix environment to the cloud. The search for the right service provider to host your mission-critical applications and data is just as important. Here are some points to consider when selecting a Citrix provider:

No two Citrix environments are exactly alike. We run thousands of unique applications in our data centers. Be cautious of companies that seem to want to push a cookie cutter approach on you. A good provider will be knowledgeable from the get-go and offer you a solution that is customized to your needs.

Many customers have no idea what a Citrix environment looks like, but they have a strong indication that Citrix can fulfill a need in their organization. Connectria has developed our 5 User Citrix QuickStart program to address that need. Connectria’s Citrix QuickStart program is essentially a low cost, low risk Proof of Concept, allowing you to quickly validate how your applications will function under a Citrix solution before building out a full-scale production environment. It also establishes the foundation for your production Citrix environment which can easily scale as your user base grows. Learn more here.

It’s also important that your provider will regularly review your configuration to ensure you’re working with the most efficient and cost-effective solution possible. At no additional cost, Connectria provides its customers periodic Citrix Health Checks that look at all of the components of the Citrix environment to ensure optimum performance. This includes Active Directory, Citrix license usage, CPU, Memory & Disk usage, Storage IOPS, and much more. We also have experts in Citrix EdgeSight, a reporting utility that allows you detailed use metrics on the end user experience.

Connectria’s engineers are Citrix-certified subject matter experts. When we identify problems in the environment of one customer, we implement preventative measures in the environments of all customers utilizing Citrix, resulting in a smoother experience overall.

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