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Blog September 13, 2018

No-Jerks Managed Cloud Provider Delivers on Best Practices Workplace

A bad day. Sometimes it can’t be helped. Life can seem unfair when negative “stuff” happens. It can be particularly upsetting when a bad day is caused by a co-worker, vendor or business partner who created a needlessly unpleasant situation that dragged you down.

While workplace jerks may be common, having the right organizational culture can help mitigate this type of behavior. At Connectria, a leading managed cloud provider, we have implemented best-practice guidelines and have placed them at the foundation of our company culture.

Connectria’s No Jerks policy has been in place since the company was founded in 1998, and is effective because it:

  • Applies to everyone and is modeled by those at the top.
  • Is communicated companywide and during recruitment and hiring.
  • Calls for immediate action if there is a violation, not a year later at a performance review.
  • Holds the offender accountable, even bosses.

We don’t tolerate jerky behavior – among ourselves or with our customers. Instead, our No Jerks workplace culture motivates every individual to go above and beyond to take care of our customers ensuring that everything we do, every decision we make, is grounded on honesty, sincerity and integrity. It is ultimately designed to fulfill our mission of providing an unparalleled level of customer service.

We mean it: we’re nice – in a good way.

We check our egos at the door and take a can-do attitude in even the most challenging situations. We are experts in complex multi-vendor solutions, and we support the broadest range of technologies, managed services and security in the industry. Most importantly, we all work for the same boss: the customer.

No matter how large or small your organization, our flexible terms, scalable solutions and straight-forward pricing make it easy to do business with us. Connectria’s culture has resulted in a company  “where good people actually want to work,” as CEO Rich Waidmann describes in Entrepreneur.

Don’t take our word for it…

When people like working for a company, they provide great customer service. Computerworld named Connectria to its 100 Best Places to Work in IT in 2018, for the fifth time in as many years.

Among organizations with 1,000 or fewer U.S. employees, we’re up there at #10 in the country – because we really care, at all levels of our organization. We’re in great company, too: with organizations that have found that the most effective way to attract and retain top talent is to make the workplace somewhere employees want to be.

Learn about the prevalence and impact of jerks in the workplace in the infographic, “Beyond the Schoolyard: Bullying in the Workplace,” an independent study of 250 U.S. IT professionals sponsored by Connectria.

See how being a Jerk Free company translates into real differences for our customers.

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