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Blog January 12, 2017

Benefits of Vulnerability Management in the Cloud

As previously mentioned in our latest blog post, new attacks, viruses and ransomware infections will continue to get worse this year. Businesses are increasingly migrating to the cloud, which makes keeping networks, systems and data secure a top priority. That’s where vulnerability management comes in.

There are two types of vulnerability management, cloud-based and on-premise. Connectria provides both types of vulnerability management and vulnerability scanning for risk analysis to enhance support for HIPAA compliance and for advanced network security. A key responsibility for Connectria as one of the world’s most secure and reliable managed hosting providers is to keep your environment free from vulnerabilities that attackers could use to gain access to your data and applications. Continuous vulnerability assessment of your infrastructure to protect your data and applications is essential. Vulnerability Management and Scanning scans for and classifies vulnerabilities, limits potential threats, and helps you easily manage compliance requirements.

Many organizations will shift some security responsibility to a cloud provider when they move their applications and data to the cloud. Sure, it’s quick and easy to create large numbers of cloud instances, but it increases the number of servers to monitor and manage. It’s also easy for anyone to create their own cloud resources, but some individuals don’t have the expertise to set up their cloud environment securely. Connectria utilizes a two-tier security architecture and provides Virus Scanning along with Network-based Intrusion Detection and Server-based Intrusion detection to help secure your network and infrastructure.

Benefits of Connectria’s Vulnerability Management services includes:

  • Improved security of your infrastructure. Vulnerability scanning looks at a process, not just one-time activity. It starts with identifying the risk and continues on even after mitigating the threat. Your environment is constantly being monitored to ensure you are one step ahead of threats. Your business will be safer and more secure.
  • Saves your business time. The constant monitoring of vulnerabilities will ultimately save you time. If your environment is not being monitored and you experience a security breach, it can cost you hours of labor to get the risk fixed. With Vulnerability Scanning, risks that are detected can usually be fixed quickly and easily.
  • Saves money. If Vulnerability Management is saving your IT team time, it means you spend less money on managing vulnerabilities overall. Ultimately, it saves you from costly breaches.
  • Advanced 24/7 intrusion prevention. You’ll be able to sleep at night knowing that you’re data and applications are secure with 24/7 comprehensive security monitoring. Connectria’s Security Operations Center (SOC) will ensure your applications and data are always protected.

If you have any questions about the security of your environment, our IT engineers can help. Contact us here.

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