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Blog May 5, 2017

The Truth About AWS Reseller Pricing

As part of Connectria’s No Jerks Allowed philosophy, Connectria strives to be fully transparent to our customers about what services we’re providing, the value they receive, and what they’re paying. However, that’s not always the case with other AWS Resellers and Managed AWS Service Providers.

Some AWS Resellers claim to be able to save you money if you buy through them, allegedly because of their volume discounts. Other AWS Managed Service Providers will give you their limited managed services for free if you buy at Amazon’s On-Demand List Prices from them.

Are you paying too much?

The truth is that they are doing the same cost optimization you can do for yourself if you had used Connectria’s Advanced AWS Optimization (AAO) tools. Except that they are keeping a big portion of the savings for themselves – even after paying for their managed services.

With Connectria’s AAO tools (which come standard with our Advanced AWS Managed Services), you can reduce your costs by 30-60 percent or more and keep all of the savings for yourself. Since Connectria’s Advanced AWS Managed Services cost substantially less than the 30-60 percent cost savings you can achieve, you will get a superior solution from Connectria, at a lower cost.

AAO Key Benefits

Connectria’s AAO tools analyze your AWS environment and provide you with options and recommendations to reduce your cost. They tell you whether you should change your instance sizes or when they run, and when you should convert your instances from “On-Demand” to “Reserved Instances” to generate up to 60 percent savings or more. Our AAO tools analyze up-front costs, monthly recurring costs, time to break even, and total achievable savings overtime for all available options.

Another key benefit of the cloud is paying for what you use and having the visibility to optimize your environment for both performance and cost. With Connectria, you can do both. With other AWS resellers, you might only be optimizing their profits and to us, that’s sort of a jerky thing to do.

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