Blog October 7, 2013

A Hosted Virtual Desktop Solution in Education- A Perfect Fit

Anytime I hear of a school purchasing new computer equipment I get excited knowing that students will have the latest and greatest technologies at their fingertips. After that initial excitement fades though, the same old thought comes back. How “new” will this equipment be in say, two or three years? In most cases the answer is the same; it WON’T be the best technology out there anymore. That brings us to a key point- continually upgrading equipment is not a financially viable option for these organizations.

This has been a serious problem impacting our schools for many years. But we now have the ability to stop this trend.

Connectria is proud to be the hosting provider chosen by many high schools and universities around the country that will be utilizing our Hosted Citrix Virtual Desktop solutions. This solution enables a schools’ technology team to centrally manage all desktops and applications which will be running in Connectria’s data centers. New patches only need to be pushed out once as oppose to on every single machine. Licenses can be centrally managed by a school IT administrator at any time to add or remove users. Teachers and students benefit by having a remote desktop with the necessary software and files accessible from multiple device platforms such as Windows, Mac, iPad, and Android.

The most appealing benefit though is the fact that hardware investments can be significantly reduced. A school can now purchase $250 Chromebooks vs. $500-600 laptops. Why? Because the computing power needed to run applications is “in the cloud” on Connectria’s servers, not on each machine. The only requirements for the compatible device are an online connection and the Citrix Receiver application. This cost savings more than makes up for the cost of the hosted solution, not speaking of the time it saves for the school’s IT administrators.

Connectria coaches each organization through the set up process while providing 24/7 support and management of the servers. This includes security scanning, backups, antivirus, server and network uptime guarantees and much more. School IT administrators only need to manage the applications and who has accesses to them.

This technology is a perfect fit for these organizations and we are glad to be a part of this revolution, which will bring our students one step closer to a bright future.

We are very excited with the possibilities and we hope you are too. If you would like to hear more about Connectria’s Hosted Citrix VDI solution, shoot us an email at blog@connectria.com or contact us.

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