Blog April 18, 2013

6-Real World Examples of Cloud Computing with Citrix

Connectria has been offering Citrix Cloud Hosting to its customers for close to a decade now. Over the last several years we have seen more and more customers go this route because it enables them to simply focus on their business. Here are some of the best real-world examples we have come across-

ACCOUNTING FIRMS-Accountants and auditors often times spend a good chunk of time “on-location at clients’ offices.  They are able to access QuickBooks or similar software in the cloud with minimal interaction with the IT team. There can be 300 accountants at different sites around the country, and if there’s an issue the IT staff can resolve it for all users simultaneously.

DEALERSHIPS- Back in the old days, car dealerships, parts dealerships and etc. had their servers located on-site, often times placed in the storage area or the broom closet. Employees had very limited knowledge of how to maintain the hardware, not much beyond power it on.  With the addition of Citrix XenApp, corporate IT teams are able to provide these individual locations a centralized source for their applications and provide employees access through a Citrix receiver. This eliminates the need for IT staff to be maintaining each unique server. When issues do occur the IT support team can narrow down the problem to one place, saving lots of time and money.

LAW FIRMS- With cloud computing by Citrix, lawyers are able to access their application on their laptops right from the court room. By also hosting their data in a secure data center vs. their personal computer they avoid the risk of having this data stolen or lost which as you can imagine, is of extreme importance when it comes to sensitive court documents.

Portable workstations often times utilize Citrix XenApp or XenDesktop to provide doctors and nurses with access to medical data within each patient’s room. With multiple workstations on each floor, this would be virtually impossible to do without some form of virtualization. Combined with a HIPAA Compliant solution, hospital administrators know they are running an efficient and secure IT operation.

GYMS & WORKOUT FACILITIES- Citrix XenApp mixes in well with the fitness crowd. Gyms with multiple locations have terminals that enable personal trainers and staff to access schedules, workout data on each of their customers and sign up new members. All are accessed through the cloud using Citrix. This is a very simple, straightforward application that can be easily maintained by the IT department located in the main office.

SOFTWARE DEVELOPMENT- Citrix enables software developers to sell their software in the cloud and easily set up licensing terms. This helps eliminate the need for customers to set up the applications on their own computers and bog down their in-house IT teams with maintenance and upgrades.

To follow up on this post we will be showcasing some of our customers’ great and innovative use of cloud computing for their business.

Have you used Citrix in the past or are you using it now?

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