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Blog March 11, 2015

100% HIPAA Compliant Hosting on Amazon Web Services (AWS) – Without the Jerks

In a complex regulatory environment that requires healthcare providers to keep their Protected Health Information (PHI) secure and reliable, many healthcare organizations have chosen to host their PHI in the cloud using hosting companies that specialize in HIPAA Compliant Hosting. Since becoming the first company to deliver HIPAA Compliant Cloud Hosting in 2007, Connectria has provided 100% secure and reliable HIPAA Compliant Hosting for hundreds of customers.

Our broad experience has allowed us to continually evolve our solutions to satisfy the changing HIPAA, HITECH and Omnibus compliance requirements, and changing customer needs. Customers look to Connectria because they’d rather focus on their core business — whether it’s providing healthcare services or healthcare products — instead of managing and maintaining a HIPAA Compliant IT infrastructure. We began with our HIPAA Compliance Support Plan, a comprehensive list of security and support features designed to focus on the data center side of the HIPAA Assessment.  In 2007, this was achieved using dedicated servers that were implemented with the correct security and administrative controls to make them HIPAA Compliant. When cloud computing began taking off, Connectria created a HIPAA Cloud Hosting solution within Connectria’s Data Centers, where customers could rent HIPAA Compliant virtual machines (versus having to rent an entire dedicated server). When customers began wanting a mix of solutions, Connectria began offering HIPAA Hybrid Hosting (a combination of HIPAA Compliant Cloud and Dedicated Server Hosting), as well as our extremely successful HIPAA Private Cloud, providing complete logical and physical separation from other customers. 


With the rise in popularity of Amazon Web Services (AWS), companies began to explore how to implement HIPAA Compliant hosting in AWS. While AWS delivers the most comprehensive cloud computing solutions in the world, it does not natively provide HIPAA Compliance. AWS customers are left to architect, implement and manage HIPAA Compliance on their own.  This would include provisioning dedicated instances, properly networking your HIPAA Compliant workloads, setting up firewalls that provide logging (not just VPC Security Groups) and setting up controls for file integrity monitoring, policy controls and even encryption.  In order to meet the needs of companies that want to run HIPAA Compliant environments in AWS, Connectria now provides HIPAA Compliant AWS Hosting. Healthcare organizations can now benefit from the combination of Connectria’s vast experience managing HIPAA Compliant environments while leveraging Amazon’s industry-leading cloud services to accomplish their business need (or objectives).

Learn more about Connectria’s solutions for HIPAA Compliance with AWS, or contact us today.

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