IT Confessional Part II: Nearly 40% Of IT Professionals Surveyed At Amazon re:Invent Are Concerned About Downtime This Holiday Season

With 2014 Cyber Monday Sales Estimates Topping $2.65 Billion, Website Uptime Is Critical

ST. LOUIS, MO. (December 11, 2014) – St. Louis-based Connectria Hosting, a world leader in hosting customers in Amazon Web Services (AWS) and the founder of the No Jerks Allowed® movement, today announced the findings of a survey conducted at this year’s AWS re:Invent conference. While most consumers are concerned with getting the best deals this time of year, IT professionals are concerned - and tasked – with keeping everything running behind the scenes. Connectria randomly asked more than 100 AWS re:Invent attendees about their level of concern and preparedness for downtime this holiday season.

  • 39% of respondents were worried about website downtime with holiday shopping season approaching.
  • 35% did not have a plan in place should their website go down during peak hours.

With more companies moving their workloads to AWS, these findings indicate a critical need to leverage companies like Connectria with proven skills implementing and running highly reliable systems in AWS.

“While Amazon has done a phenomenal job in making it easier to build redundancy into your applications, things don’t always replicate or failover properly – and a system that’s gotten hacked is a down system,” said Rich Waidmann, president and CEO of Connectria. “In light of the increasing amount of business done or supported online, it’s critical for customers moving to AWS to work with a company like Connectria with proven skills building and running secure and reliable AWS environments. Our first customer was Deutsche Bank in 1998, and we’ve been at the forefront of running highly reliable systems for nearly two decades. Since we began hosting customers in AWS, we’ve been able to leverage our proven expertise building and managing highly reliable environments so that our customers are able to avoid downtime.”

The results of this survey followed an earlier announcement regarding survey findings from re:Invent which revealed 1 Out Of 3 IT Professionals are not aware of their vendor’s security practices. For more information regarding this survey, please visit: Amazon re:Invent Security Survey.

For more information regarding the Amazon re:Invent Uptime Survey, please visit:

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