Pneuron Enters Virtualization by Selecting Connectria's Private Cloud Services

ST. LOUIS, MO (October 28, 2010) - Connectria Hosting announced today that it has been awarded a contract with Pneuron Corporation to provide private virtual machine cloud computing services. With Connectria's Private Cloud Computing offering, Pneuron can run any software they choose and control the virtual machines running within their private customized cloud. Connectria will provide an array of managed services along with the private cloud features, including 24/7 support and SAS 70 Type II Compliant Data Centers. Pneuron Corporation was referred by Anthurium, current Connectria Hosting customer, due to their high level of satisfaction with Connectria's hosting services.

About Pneuron Corporation
Pneuron Corporation was established with a single uncompromising guiding principle - eliminate the traditional technological barriers that prevent organizations from functioning as a cohesive, transparent enterprise. Today, we remain committed to this unique and market innovative approach that dramatically changes the paradigm of how organizations address technology integration, innovation and deployment.

Pneuron maintains a clear focus on decoupling global business creativity and innovation from the traditional technology barriers that have stifled enterprise competiveness in the past. At the heart of the solution, the "Prescriptive neuron" or "Pneuron", provides ground-breaking technology that accelerates, by orders of magnitude and a fraction of the cost, the creation, deployment and management of new products, analytics, and operational best practices. This critical, real time connection of the global enterprise occurs without traditional IT, large data integration or deployment risk concerns so prevalent in most projects.

About Connectria
Connectria Hosting is a profitable and growing global managed hosting provider of cloud, dedicated server and custom hosting services. Packaged or customized solutions are available for technologies including OS, virtualization, database, email/collaboration and application/web servers. Connectria's hosting expertise represents one of the industry's widest range of supported platforms from a variety of vendors, including Microsoft, IBM, Oracle, HP, Dell, SUN, Citrix, VMware and Open Source (e.g. Linux/LAMP, MySQL).

A privately held company, Connectria has built its business through reinvesting profits and without equity financing. Connectria operates world-class Data Centers, Network Operations Centers, and Engineering Centers located in St. Louis, Missouri and Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. From these facilities, Connectria operates as a virtual extension of its clients' IT organizations.

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