2 Out Of 3 Amazon Web Services Customers Surveyed at Amazon re:Invent More Likely To Use AWS Managed Service Partner

ST. LOUIS, MO, October 15, 2015 – Connectria Hosting, a global cloud hosting provider with extensive expertise in managing HIPAA and PCI Compliant environments, today announced the findings of a survey it conducted last week at the 2015 Amazon Web Services (AWS) re:Invent conference.

Connectria randomly asked more than 100 AWS customers and partners about their AWS environments. Two out of three customers said they were more likely to use the services of an AWS Managed Service Partner (MSP) because of the extensive certification and audit requirements that AWS MSPs must complete with Amazon. Connectria announced its MSP certification last week at AWS re:Invent after successfully completing a rigorous 3rd party Amazon audit.

Additional insights from the AWS customer survey found that:

  • 65% of customers use or plan to use AWS for both development and production workloads.
  • Only one-third (1/3) of customers have concerns about running production environments in AWS, with lack of security and lack of support as their highest concerns (80%), followed closely by management of AWS (60%).
  • 40% of AWS customers use a 3rd party or partner to help manage AWS, however there are services they are not getting from their current providers that they would like to have, including Backup and Restore (50%), Systems Security and Systems Admin (35%), and AWS Monitoring, Alerts and Escalations (27%) – all services which Connectria provides to its AWS customers today.
  • 60% of AWS customers do not use a 3rd party or partner to help them manage AWS, however 62% of those would consider it. Services they would be interested in include AWS Systems Security (50%), AWS Systems Admin (46%), AWS Monitoring, Alerts & Escalations (42%) and AWS Optimization Services (42%) – also services that Connectria provides to its AWS customers today.

Connectria’s survey of AWS partners also found that:

  • Three-fourths (3/4) of partners’ customers use AWS for production environments, however the majority of AWS partners (54%) are concerned about their ability to support them, with Management of the AWS environment (57%) and Business continuity/uptime (52%) as their biggest concerns.
  • When asked which services fill a needed gap within their offering, 57% of AWS partners identified AWS Monitoring, Alerts & Escalations, followed by AWS Systems Security Services (46%) and AWS Compliance Support (30%).

“This survey confirms the need for Connectria’s comprehensive AWS Managed Services for AWS customers and partners alike, especially for those customers with concerns over AWS security and reliability, or those that need HIPAA and PCI compliance in AWS,” noted Rich Waidmann, president and CEO of Connectria. “Architecting, implementing, managing and supporting AWS environments is very complex. As a certified AWS MSP, AWS customers and partners can confidently use Connectria to manage and support their AWS environments, and know that it’s being done correctly according to AWS Best Practices.”

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