Connectria's Chris Miller Featured as an Domino Expert Speaker at Lotus Advisor Live Conference

ST. LOUIS, MO (July 15, 2005) - Chris Miller, Director of Messaging and Collaboration for Connectria, has been invited to speak at Lotus Advisor Live as one of the world's leading Domino experts. Chris holds IBM Lotus certifications ICASA, Principal CLP, Collaboration CLP and CLI, and Workplace certifications. His primary Lotus skills include Domino administration and architecture design, Sametime, IBM Workplace, Lotus Team Workplace, and Domino Web Access, plus LDAP and directory integration design. A Domino veteran since 1995, Chris has spoken at Lotusphere and numerous academic conferences. Lotus Advisor Live is the premier technical conference on IBM Lotus Software for Developers, Administrators, Architects and IT Managers. The 7th annual Lotus Advisor Live will take place at the JW Marriott Las Vegas Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada from July 17-21.

Chris Miller's Notes/Domino Training Session Schedule:
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 07/19, 8:00 am   How To Integrate LDAP into Domino and Workplace Environments
 07/19, 3:00 pm   How To Design a Domino Web Access Expandable Architecture
 07/20, 11:00 am   Lotus Sametime Troubleshooting and Managing

Sessions details for Chris Miller's Notes/Domino training:

How To Integrate LDAP into Domino and Workplace Environments
Get all the IBM collaboration products to communicate and work together.

Do your collaboration products sometime behave like a dysfunctional family? In this session, you'll meet the family from the LDAP perspective, including Lotus, Workplace, and WebSphere products. You'll see how to make each of the family members learn each others names and communicate effectively. You'll learn how to find the common family attributes and expand the schema to include all the new additions. You'll explore security, management, and scalability issues.

In this session, you will:

  • Learn proper scaling through federation or aggregation
  • See security of LDAP directories and bindings
  • Discover schema consolidation or expansion
  • Find out about requirements for integrating across the product line

How To Design a Domino Web Access Expandable Architecture -
Best practices to plan and deploy Domino Web Access.

Learn what it takes to smartly deploy Domino Web Access, including scalability, security, and management. You'll learn how to deploy a redundant and fault tolerant architecture that includes load balancers and proxies. You'll discover the benefits of a properly planned server configuration document. You'll explore best practices of deployment for hosting and implementation.

In this session, you will:

  • Discover ways to provide Domino Web Access scalability
  • Learn the proper planning of a server configuration document
  • Find out how to control Web-only users and off-line deployments
  • See best practices for managing Domino Web Access

Lotus Sametime Troubleshooting and Managing -
Discover how to implement IM in your enterprise.

Get tips and tricks galore in this session, which covers a wide array of Lotus Sametime topics including client choices, monitoring, scaling, and server performance. You'll look at troubleshooting techniques for IM clients and meetings. You'll learn the keys to designing a proper IM infrastructure that incorporates firewalls, proxies, and networks. You'll also look at IM usage policies.

In this session, you will:

  • Learn ways to troubleshoot IM connectivity in clients and meetings
  • Explore Lotus Sametime network design and scaling
  • See how to determine the best IM client for your enterprise
  • Look at instant messaging usage policies

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