SecureCom Wireless Opts for Connectria’s Private Cloud to Deliver Its Mobile Security App

SecureCom Wireless St. Louis, MO (May 8, 2014) –Companies’ IT departments are facing ever-growing demands as technology continues to be more integrated into our daily lives. Often times, these increasing needs require customized IT solutions. SecureCom was faced with this particular challenge as it kept experiencing outages with its customer-facing, MyAccess application. Users were having issues accessing their live security camera streams. This did not only effect customer satisfaction, but the business as a whole. With only a standard set of cloud solutions, SecureCom’s managed hosting provider set up a public cloud environment, which was simply notworking. It was clearly not the right solution for this highly demanding application.

As a result, SecureCom turned to Connectria. Connectria was able to provide a highly customized and reliable private cloud solution for the MyAccess application. The environment is built with all dedicated hardware, including 4 host servers with 192g of RAM each, a dedicated SAN, a dedicated firewall, a dedicated Intrusion Prevention System (IPS) and a dedicated load balancer. Connectria provided SecureCom with thousands of IPs for the various live video streams which was a necessity as well.

Connectria’s solution also offered the flexibility and savings SecureCom was looking for. With plenty of in-house Vmware expertise, SecureCom opted to self-manage the VMs while Connectria’s engineers take care of the physical host.

About SecureCom Wireless
SecureCom Wireless, LLC, is the reliable wireless service for DMP cellular technology providing fast, simple, one-step installation. It also opens the door to an amazing set of mobile capability upgrades that offer you additional RMR opportunities.

With a cellular system in place, end users can opt to add MyAccess that lets them control their alarm system via text messages. For even greater control, they can download the Virtual Keypad App to create a go-anywhere keypad on their Android or Apple device. Whether on the premises or across town, your customers can take total control of their system.

The app includes the ability to view and record up to six IP cameras and also add automation control with Z-Wave devices for lights, door locks, thermostats and more. Each of these features adds perceived value to their security system, and the potential for new RMR for you.

About Connectria
Connectria provides award-winning cloud computing, managed hosting and custom managed hosting solutions for more than 1,000 customers in over 30 countries worldwide. Recognized as the #1 Cloud in North America, we are experts in complex multi-vendor solutions, and we support the broadest range of technologies, managed services and security in the industry.

At the core of Connectria is our No Jerks Allowed® company philosophy. As The Jerk Free Company®, we've established a unique culture where every individual goes "the extra mile" to take care of our customers. Being The Jerk Free Company® extends beyond our people too. We make it easy to do business with us through flexible terms, scalable solutions and straight-forward pricing to serve the hosting needs of large and small organizations alike.

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