Our Customers

It's one thing for us to tell you how great we are, but quite another when you hear it from our customers. Connectria's customers are represented by companies of all sizes in over 30 countries around the world.

While different in many ways, they all share the same need for secure, reliable, responsive and affordable hosting.

Each and every one of our clients, no matter how large or small, have a dedicated team of Level 3 engineers that provide exceptional support to ensure their servers are secure and reliable. Guaranteed.

In our continual effort to strive for excellence in customer satisfaction, Connectria has implemented independent surveys to solicit and measure feedback from our customers. Survey results revealed 100% customer satisfaction.

Below is a partial list of customer videos and testimonials. To view or download customer cases studies, customer survey results and additional customer testimonials, please visit our Resource Center.

Customer Testimonials

View our Customer Testimonial Videos:

"We needed consistient service. And customized solutions."
Hear what Tony Dmitrich, Director of Professional Services at Sybase, has to say about Connectria.

"We were looking for an interactive partner. Not a vendor."
Hear what Brian Tervo, CEO of TIE Commerce, has to say about Connectria.

Below is a sample of comments from some of our many satisfied customers:


"Connectria's style and approach fit our style and approach. We target top 100 banks who all try to be unique. We can't go with a standard package. Connectria has a style where they're willing to take on a little risk and do things a little differently because each project we take to them is a little unique."

-Tony Dmitrich , Director of Professional Services, Sybase

Milwaukee Electric Tool

"Connectria has exceeded our expectations. Their expert remote management has helped us streamline and automate our processes, delivering tangible savings. Since Connectria has partnered with us, our relevant admin costs are a third of what they were."

-Eric Hanson, Director of IT Services, Milwaukee Electric Tool

Grupo Porteo

"Grupo Porteo's advanced logistics systems provides us a distinct competitive advantage. We depend upon Connectria's high level of System i hosting services and uptime as a critical component to our solution and success. We view Connectria as a strategic partner and would recommend them without reservation."

-Paul Sarrapy, President and CEO, Grupo Porteo


"Connectria was just the kind of partner that we were looking for to help us manage our Amazon Cloud Services. Their knowledge in best practices and experienced personnel have allowed us to focus more of our resources in other areas related to the continued growth of our community safety platform.”"

-Jim Carr, Founder, EmergencMe

TCS Healthcare

"In its sales and marketing approach, Connectria was willing to bend the cost curve to really allow us to ramp up in a way that made financial sense for us. I haven't found too many vendors who are flexible and tolerant in terms of understanding our needs as well as controlling costs. Connectria really demonstrated this understanding and willingness to partner with us."

- Rob Pock, Founder & CEO, TCS Healthcare


"Connectria is always very flexible in allowing us to configure our systems and infrastructure exactly the way we want them for our customers. They don't mandate rigid cloud-based infrastructure services which is perfect for us given our diverse client environments."

-Lou Takacs, Chief Information Officer, ComSci


"Partnering with Connectria has allowed us to provide an attractive hosted solution option for our customers. As a result,it's given us peace of mind. We no longer have to worry about power generators and servers - Connectria takes care of that for us. We can focus upon delivering superb IR software while our customers can concentrate on providing quality IR healthcare."

-Emily DeMerchant,Director, ConexSys, Inc.

Romanello Consulting

"We have been very satisfied with the support received from Connectria. We have experienced no downtime or issues in activating our application. In fact, we are growing our customer base soon, and are looking forward to an expanded relationship with Connectria in support of these additional customers."

-Bruce Romanello, CEO, Romanello Consulting


"I couldn't be more pleased with the service Connectria has provided to us. I understand things break from time to time in the area of technology. But it's how you respond to these issues that really makes or breaks the success of a vendor. I hope our relationship with Connectria continues well into the future."

-David Bilyeu, RPh. MCIS, qPM, VP of Technology


"The beautiful thing about working with Connectria is scalability. We have slower times and busier times of the year, and it's always very simple to scale up or down accordingly. The level of support Connectria provides allows MetaComet to satisfy the needs of our customers, and customer experience is what is most important to us."

-David Marlin, President, MetaComet


"Connectria meets every detail in our SLA and more. They understand how to deliver the best service, and provide best practices ideas to make us better as a company. They know when bad weather is coming and what that means to our customers. They take a proactive interest in our business, which is key to our success."

-John Hughes, Managing Supervisor of Infrastructure, Ameren

Host Analytics

"Connectria's responsiveness and customer service have far exceeded our expectations. We don't have to chase them for answers, and it feels good to have a partner like that which we can trust. It drives home the fact that we made the right choice."

-Richard Broome, CIO, Host Analytics

EHR Pathway

"As we tried to make an apples to apples comparison on the technical capabilities, we had a lot of confidence that Connectria clearly understood what we were talking about and what we needed."

-Michael Fondell, Partner, EHR Pathway

Centre De Tri Melimax Inc.

"Your service is great and blazing fast. "

-Centre De Tri Melimax Inc.


"There are a lot of things I worry about in our business, but I don't wake up at night wondering if Connectria is down... "

-Chris Renshaw-President, Redi Enterprise Development, Inc.

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