Our Company

Connectria has been at the forefront of the hosting industry since 1998 when we began hosting a large complex environment for Deutsche Bank, the world’s largest bank and our very first customer. From day one, creating custom solutions with extensive security and reliability has been the hallmark of our company.

With an initial pedigree in custom hosting solutions, Connectria has evolved to deliver a broad array of hosting services, including configurable managed hosting and cloud computing solutions, backed by extensive technical support of the broadest mix of technologies in the hosting industry. With more than 1,000 customers in 30+ countries, Connectria is a proven hosting provider for the needs of both large and small companies alike.

no jerks allowedAt the core of Connectria is our No Jerks Allowed® company philosophy. As The Jerk Free Company®, we’ve established a unique culture where every individual goes “the extra mile” to take care of our customers, and we do not tolerate big egos or rude people. All of our staff members are polite and considerate to each other, to our customers, and to our vendors as well.

Being The Jerk Free Company extends beyond our people too. We make it easy to do business with us, and we don’t impose rigid policies or canned solutions on your operations. We deliver flexible solutions with straight-forward pricing to meet the unique requirements of our customers throughout the world. Our goal is to become a trusted advisor for each of our customers by delivering the right solutions at the right price.

If you haven’t heard of Connectria or haven’t considered us before, then you definitely should!

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