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Managed AWS and AWS Support Services With Connectria’s Managed AWS, you can now purchase and implement 100% secure, highly available AWS environments, backed by Connectria’s superior Jerk Free® 24 / 7 managed services and support.

As an AWS Advanced Consulting Partner and Channel Reseller, Connectria can sell and implement AWS solutions that include our superior managed services and support. Recognized by CloudSleuth as the number one Cloud Provider in North America in 2012, Connectria supports the widest range cloud technologies in the industry and has significant expertise in architecting, implementing, optimizing and supporting cloud platforms worldwide.

Our certified AWS engineers will provide as much guidance and support as you need with your AWS solution. Whether you’re new to AWS and don’t know where to start, or if you’re already using AWS but need help monitoring and managing your environment, Connectria’s Managed AWS provides comprehensive solutions to meet your needs.

Benefits of AWS:

Organizations worldwide are utilizing Cloud Computing, and the largest cloud provider is Amazon Web Services. The benefits of using Amazon Web Services include:

  • No Upfront Investment: Replace upfront infrastructure investment with low monthly costs
  • Low Ongoing Cost: Reduce your overall IT costs
  • Flexible Capacity: Eliminate guessing on your infrastructure capacity needs
  • Speed & Agility: Develop and deploy applications faster
  • Apps Not Ops: Focus on projects that differentiate your business, not the infrastructure
  • Global Reach: Take your apps global in minutes

Connectria’s Managed AWS Solutions and Support

While AWS delivers some of the most comprehensive Cloud Computing solutions in the world, AWS can be challenging to implement and administer, and the pricing can be extremely confusing and complex. Amazon does not provide AWS management or implementation support for its customers, nor an extensive number of tools to optimize your costs, security and performance.

That’s where Connectria comes in. Connectria has been providing managed hosting services since 1998. With more than 1,000 customers in 30+ countries, Connectria offers the broadest portfolio of managed services in the industry. As the Gold Standard in managed services for the hosting industry over the last fifteen (15) years, we’ve taken our Best Practices and sophisticated tools and migrated them to deliver our Managed AWS Solutions. Our Managed AWS Solutions include the industry’s broadest, most comprehensive portfolio of products and services to support and manage our customers’ AWS solutions.

Our Managed AWS Solutions include:

Extensive Managed Services: Connectria provides full production support of your AWS environment. Available services include:

  • 24/7 Live US-Based Tech Support
  • 24/7 Custom Application Monitoring
  • Custom Maintenance Windows
  • Managed O/S Updates & Security Patching
  • Managed Virus Scanning
  • Vulnerability Scanning
  • 24/7 AWS Monitoring & Support
  • Custom Restarts & Escalation Procedures
  • Managed Data Backups & Restores
  • Firewall, VPN & DNS Management
  • Tripwire Integrity Monitoring
  • Log & Event Monitoring & Much More!

Extensive Amazon Web Services (AWS) Architecture & Implementation Support: Connectria’s engineers have implemented and supported some of the largest, most sophisticated application architectures in the world. Our AWS engineering and support team can assist you in implementing the following AWS products:

  • AWS Elastic Compute Cloud (EC2)
  • AWS Elastic Load Balancing
  • AWS Route 53 (DNS)
  • AWS Simple Storage Service (S3)
  • AWS Elastic Block Store (EBS)
  • AWS CloudFront (Global CDN)
  • AWS DynamoDB (NoSQL Data Store)
  • AWS Elastic Beanstalk (Deployment)
  • AWS Auto Scaling
  • AWS Virtual Private Cloud (VPC)
  • AWS Direct Connect (Dedicated Network)
  • AWS Glacier (Low-cost Archive Storage)
  • AWS Import/Export (Large Volume Data Transfer)
  • AWS RDS (MySQL, Oracle & SQL Server)
  • AWS ElastiCache (In Memory Caching)
  • AWS CloudFormation (Management) & More!

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cost & Performance Optimization: Connectria delivers sophisticated, proprietary tools to manage and optimize our customers’ AWS implementations. Our tools will identify properly, over, and underutilized resources to highlight areas of inefficiency and waste. Critical data is organized by utilization level, size, region, and purchasing type so that our customers have actionable information to balance performance and availability with their optimal spend.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Best Practices: Connectria’s AWS engineering teams compile and update hundreds of best practices for AWS configurations that affect security, cost, and availability. Connectria will assess on an ongoing basis the latest state of your deployment against up-to-date best practices, and alert you of any exceptions that we find.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Resource Control: Connectria will have comprehensive and up-to-date visibility into your deployment, including complete and accurate inventories of your services, resources, configurations and policies. We implement continuous change monitoring to stay informed on the latest state of your AWS account, and we receive alerts when there are significant changes to your deployment to ensure they are accurate and appropriate.

Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cost Savings – Up To 60% Or More: Connectria’s sophisticated Cost Optimization toolset provides our customers the tools you need to substantially reduce your AWS purchases. Our tools analyze your AWS spending, and provide options and recommendations to reduce your cost. This includes changing your instance sizes, when they run, and detailed analysis to determine when you should consider converting your instances from “On- Demand” to “Reserved Instances.” Our Cost Optimization toolset analyzes up-front costs, monthly recurring costs, time to break-even, and total achievable savings over time for all available options. We provide this purchasing analysis for both the service, and for individual resources. This allows you to generate substantial savings.

Beware Of Resellers Claiming To Save You Money! Some AWS resellers claim to be able to save you money if you buy through them, allegedly because of their volume discounts. What’s really happening is that they are running similar cost optimization tools such as ours, purchasing Reserved Instances, and keeping a large portion of the savings for themselves. You might save some money with them, but not as much as you could with Connectria’s approach. With Connectria’s Full Access Model, you have visibility into what you’re spending, what services you’re receiving, and how to generate savings – 100% of which you get to keep. With Connectria’s Full Access Model, we remove the mystery in buying cloud computing, so that you enjoy the true cost and performance benefits of the cloud - without getting taken advantage of.

HIPAA Compliance with AWS: With our many years of experience providing HIPAA Compliant Hosting, and our significant expertise in building & managing AWS environments as an Amazon Advanced Consulting Partner, Connectria has developed a HIPAA Compliance Support Plan for AWS.  It provides a turnkey approach to ensure the appropriate security controls and processes are in place to achieve and maintain HIPAA Compliance on AWS.

Connectria’s engineers will not only help you set up your AWS environment to meet your HIPAA Compliance needs, but we will also provide ongoing managed services 24/7 to help ensure that your AWS environment remains HIPAA Compliant.  Our HIPAA Compliance Support Plan for AWS includes a comprehensive suite of security and support features designed to specifically address the HIPAA and HITECH standards, including the necessary levels of encryption within AWS.  Learn more about HIPAA Compliant Amazon Web Services Hosting.

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